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Love Recession
May 20, 2010 – 6:31 pm | Comments

It isn’t news that our generation has been seriously afflicted by an ongoing economic recession. The job market is tough, but then again so is that other special market that so many of us are focused on, and are just as actively wading through with hopeful spirits: the love market.

Surviving The Wedding Season Ringless
May 20, 2010 – 6:23 pm | Comments

There are certain hallmarks of your mid-twenties: you stop barhopping during the week (except Thursdays), you start to save money (or at least start thinking about it), and between the months of May and October …

Chasing Cars
May 19, 2010 – 2:52 am | Comments
Chasing Cars

I recently got a dog from the rescue shelter; her name is Mouse (the shelter named her) and she’s a Chihuahua-Italian greyhound mix.  I swear she’s a lot cuter than she sounds.  In any case, …

Bros before Hos.
May 14, 2010 – 10:50 pm | Comments
Bros before Hos.

The saying ‘bros before hos’ has always irked me.  For me this calls to mind two douchey dudes fist pounding each other while a tramp slinks sadly away.  As my life experience ripens, however, I …

The Eazy E/D-Hack Line of Dominance
May 12, 2010 – 12:56 pm | Comments

Throughout our climb to the summit of true adulthood we develop what some people might call discerning tastes in which people we want to befriend or date. After the hippies-on-a-sugar-high, free love that is toddler-dom, …

Two Heads Are Better Than One. Maybe?
May 5, 2010 – 3:09 am | Comments
Two Heads Are Better Than One. Maybe?

Making decisions is complicated, especially when the choices seem endless. It’s twice as complicated when you throw someone else in the mix and then you have to make a choice together.

From Bars to Museums
May 4, 2010 – 5:17 pm | Comments
From Bars to Museums

You know you want to meet someone special, but where can you find an acceptable place to do so?

Hookups and Game Theory
April 27, 2010 – 3:45 pm | Comments
Hookups and Game Theory

To say that I’m a huge fan of MTV’s show The Challenge: Fresh Meat II would be to misuse the word “huge,” so I’ll change the ‘h’ to a ‘y,’ throw in all caps and …