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Chasing Cars

Submitted by AnthonyS on May 19, 2010 – 2:52 amComments

Photo courtesy boltron at Flickr

I recently got a dog from the rescue shelter; her name is Mouse (the shelter named her) and she’s a Chihuahua-Italian greyhound mix.  I swear she’s a lot cuter than she sounds.  In any case, she’s young, she’s curious, extremely lovable, and she has an absurd amount of athletic energy.  Her running genes are 100% from the Italian greyhound side of her family.  Mouse needs to run—not just run, but flat-out sprint—several times a day just so she doesn’t go completely insane.

I spend way too much time watching MTV to begin to think about keeping up with her, but I try to go running with Mouse whenever I can.  Eventually we developed a pretty good system that allowed her to get her ya-yas out without exploding my heart into a million pieces.  There’s a winding country road right by my house that changes to gravel after about a mile.  As soon as we leave my house, Mouse tears off, yanking at the leash the entire way.  I pull back to save my legs, but whenever a car comes, Mouse and I take off at full speed.

The problem is that Mouse has no perspective.  She chases every car as if it’s the last in the universe.  One day she chased too many and lay in the grass, refusing even to walk.  I had to carry her the rest of the way, which was a funny sight.

But Mouse’s behavior made me realize that people aren’t much different than dogs.  Cars will always fly by, and some people try to chase them all.  That will only exhaust and frustrate them.  Sometimes it’s nice just to go on a relaxing jog—unless you want someone to carry you home.

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  • Ina
    My job search has felt like chasing after every car at full speed! And it's exhausting!
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