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With A Guy Who Spends

Submitted by Sara McClory on December 18, 2011 – 2:23 amComments

u3066MonopolyMoneyGuyIf you’re in a wonderful relationship then congratulations, half the world’s battles have been won. But all that is glitter is not gold, especially when you’re dealing with a heavy spender who happens to be your beloved spouse. There’s nothing tackier than heckling your significant other about him burning cash like a fireplace is a limb, but it has to be done, no matter how bad the ‘nag’ look looks on you. But don’t bombard his guy night with numerous voice mails and texts asking ‘Why the hell haven’t you saved any money for emergencies’ or ‘Why am I getting notices the car insurance has been canceled!’. Essentially, it’s a good idea in order to blow off steam while embarrassing him, but by no means will it make him change and sooner or later, he will mess up.

There are many ways of tackle the ugly beast without looking like he made a mistake of dating you.

Option #1: Be coy about the situation.

Allow him to be so guilt ridden, he will spill the beans and apologize, seeing that what he did was completely ‘wrong’. This will allow him to correct his mistake while you look down on your high horse, a halo around your head.

Option #2: Straightforward in person talking.

Sitting him down, preferably when he’s in a good mood, express your concern with his constant spending and lack of saving. Tell him that bad credit for him will be bad for the both of you in the long run and that you are generally worried for his financial welfare. This option allows him to see that your just looking out for him, and in return will love you for that.

Option #3: I’m not upset, just disappointed.

This still works! Remember when your parents would say, ‘I’m not mad or upset at you, I’m just disappointed.’ It was the worst thing to hear after you made a mistake. In a relationship, this will tear apart his ego and primal instinct to provide, and will go back on track.

Option #4: Being the bubbly girlfriend with no clue.

I never condone acting stupid…except when you have good intentions. Telling your guy that you’ve decided to get your finances straight and offer to do his, might force him to decline. When you are forced to snoop, he will admit before you find out, even when you already know. Offering to track his bills and spending, he will step up eventually to the responsibility, while seeing how much he spends and on what, possibly surprising himself.

Option #5: Baby, I’m going Green.

Cutting back on everything and converting to things Green. Expose him to world issues of poverty and the dwindling economy (if he’s been ignoring it), while cutting back or changing things up (rent a movie for $1 at a redbox instead of renting at netflix for $4 or going to bar on special events when the drinks are cheap). He might just want to cut back, changing his bad spending ways for good.

So don’t flip out, have the upper hand while saving you and your boo in an economy worst like no other.

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