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I Really Tried to Like Darren Criss

Submitted by Katharine Vatter on January 7, 2012 – 7:04 pmComments

It wasn’t entirely Darren Criss’s fault. But most of it was.

Last night I saw Darren Criss and Beau Bridges in Broadway’s How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. It was unfortunate.

Finch arrives down onto the stage on rope, and immediately it sounds like an N*SYNC concert. Which is problematic, seeing as this is live theatre that I paid good money to see.

How to Fail on Broadway by Not Even Trying

How to Fail on Broadway by Not Even Trying

The opening number is…rough, this is because of Darren flopping around on stage with no vocal support and no acting chops. The scenery and costumery is phenomenal, but the dancing seemed off. It was well synchronized, but basic and certainly did not fit the tone of the song or the era.

I don’t want to completely crush Darren. I really wanted him to be fantastic and thought it was a good role for him. His voice just wasn’t there. He certainly warmed up (which should not happen. He should be on since step one), and some notes were very well supported, but for the most part he was airy and it was almost like he was trying too hard to sound good. So we could barely hear him.

Beau Bridges at least had the sense to give up on sounding good and just graveled his way through.

Bridges and Criss were pretty much talking past each other. It’s as though they were working so hard to remember their lines, that they just didn’t pay attention to one another. Neither know how to wait for applause or laughter, so a lot of lines were lost. The Old Ivy scene had me genuinely wishing I had seen Daniel Radcliffe in the role. He most likely nailed it.

Many reviews had said that Darren was more of an actor and dancer who could sing rather than a singer and actor who could dance. But he didn’t dance very well either. I imagine much of that was the result of lazy choreography. A 5th grade tap recital could have covered the show quite well.

This isn’t to say the rest of the cast wasn’t amazing. Rosemary was the first to sing other than Finch, and she blew me away. Bud was fantastic and stole every scene he was in. Beau Bridges reminded me of the head elf in the original Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie. Or maybe Blitzen teaching the tiny reindeer how to fly.

The worst part was easily all of the Darren Criss fans. I watch Glee, not for the show, because it’s terrible, but because I love the cast, Darren included. But god damn, I wish those girls would shut up. They can be broken down into the following groups:

1)The Starkid- Wearing pink sunglasses. Inside. During a Broadway show.

2)The Very Potter Music Kid- Wearing a Gryffindor hat, scarf, and tie. Inside. During a Broadway show.

3)The Gleek- These can also be called Warblers (the singing group Darren’s character was originally in before switching to a crappy public school for his boyfriend). They are wearing tuxedo-esque school uniform tshirts (think “what Weird Al would wear to a wedding) and a homemade scarf and hat. Inside. During a Broadway show.

These fans also screamed anytime Darren did anything, did not pay attention to scenes he wasn’t in or spoke over lines that weren’t his, ate junior mints, snowcaps, and peanut M&Ms like they were in a movie theatre (but worse), and left before the show was over to stage door.

The problem with this was that A)they left before the show was over and B)they missed the spectacular fail that was “Brotherhood of Man,” the final song. I had seen Daniel Radcliffe perform this number on various late night talk shows. He was great. Darren was not. His voice had been weak the whole show through, but now it was just tired. His dancing was lazy, also because he was tired, and most likely winded. The choreography was decent, but not impressive. The audience was impressed anyway. I was impressed by the woman being thrown back and forth while hitting strong high Fs. They were impressed that Darren Criss can do a somersault with assistance.

I’m not sure what I was expecting. Darren is known for a terrible TV show and Youtube videos. In his biography, he thanked Glee’s exec producer, whom he referred to as “Baroness.”  I really wanted this to work. I chose to see him instead of Daniel Radcliffe, as I’d seen him in Equus.

Andy Cooper’s voice overs gave me life, but the tight spots on Darren were lackluster.

Otherwise, the sets were the best and it’s nice to be back here blogging.

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  • cry

    He has now an Emmy nomination in the same category with Jeff Daniels, Benedict Cumberbacht and Antonio Banderas.
    How your career is going? Still a blogger?.

  • A realistic person

    Okay, let me say that, Darren Criss is AWESOME and Glee is the f*cking best show EVER! So don't say this because, do you know what this makes tl you? A LIAR! Sorry not sorry 😒

  • Nicole

    Just something I really felt like sharing with you:

    1) I went to see the show on the 4th of January, 8 pm.
    2) Yes I am A Darren fan.
    3) Most of the time I am very and I mean very critical about his acting, he disappoints me often in glee. Though in the last few episodes (3x17) he seems much better then before.
    4) I kind of have to agree with you on the singing, he had to warm up in the beginning but overall Darren has an amazing voice and singing while dancing is found to be rather difficult, for example the breathing. 
    5) I thought he had an amazing chemistry with all of the actors and I thought he had an amazing timing which made the play very funny at certain points. The "your cute" giggle for example, but also the whole Old Ivy scene and lots of the interaction with Rosemary and But Frump
    6) I totally agree with you on the other fans, it's a broadway show you should not be dressed in a Warbler tie nor the pink sunnies. That is practically forbidden during Broadway shows. However there were also a lot of fans who acted/dressed normally, myself included. 
    7) There was absolutely nothing wrong with Darren's dancing, the only thing is that it was a little less enthusiastic then Daniels. His timing was perfect most of the time and  well I couldn't find anything wrong with it.

    Also I would like to note that I am not an expert in anything that has something to do with broadway, I am just a normal person who enjoys Musicals.
    And at last, there is a download link for H2$ just in case you wanted to see it: 
    here is his entire preformance :)

    So that is everything I wanted to share with you guys :)
    And just so I can be clear: I do not hate you if you don't like Darren, it's just that I disagree with you, nothing more. 

  • ann

    i did not like this comment, darren criss is awesome is amazing and you are a a person who criticizes just to live, darren es lo emjor de lo mejor, guapo, agradable, cariñoso, amable, sexy entre muchisimas mas cosas bellas, él es el mejor y tu eres nadie como para darte el derecho de criticarlo de esa manera. 

  • ReviewsReviews

    Aubry D'Arminio did an article at EW about Darren's performance.  It's mixed, but points out some of the same flaws as are mentioned here. 

    I think all the positive reviews are pretty much just designed to play into the Darren Criss hype.  In fact, I noticed that there were reviews saying how Darren was *going* to be awesome before the show, and then they are only mildly altered after to say he *was* great after the show.  In other words, the positive reviews are the fake ones.

    If the real Broadway critics come out, they will be brutal, but they might not even care because this one of those temporary fake Broadway performances where they just slot in a star long enough to suck money out of that star's fan base.  In Darren's case, it seems like that's three weeks.

  • Sarah

    Just so you know, the choreography in this production was excellent and if you found it otherwise, it's because Darren can't dance.

  • Ali

    If you didn't like the show, then people have to respect that. I've read a few very positive reviews of Darren and H2$, but you cannot expect only good reviews. 
    What puts me off a lot is the comment about the fans because you make it sound like all his fans are like that. Let me tell you that from the moment it was officially announced that Darren was going to be on the show, a lot of his fans (especially his street team) have been giving out pointers on how to dress appropiately for a Broadway  show multiple times and very much stressed on leaving the pink sunglasses at home. Also, a lot of pointers of behaviour in a Broadway theather have been given out.
    I can tell you that a lot of his fans are embarresed over the fact that there are girls who still come to the show dressed this way and do not know how to behave themselves (they're especially discusted at those fans who leave the show halfway or before the end to go to the stage door). So do not write us all off as crazy teenagers.
    As for the comments on Darren's performance: maybe you've caught him on an off-day. Everyone has those sometimes. I'm not gonna say that you're right or wrong because I haven't seen it nor have I seen his other performances to compare it with. But I've heard enough of live performances of Darren and you can always hear it very clear when he's rested or tired. But he can sing. He's not the best of the best, but this guy knows how to sing.

  • MathNeedsToBeDone

    Casting Couch evidence:

    Ryan Murphy getting cuddly with Darren Criss and the famous "move bitch" clip.

    He auditioned three times and didn't get it.  Why this time?  Hmm.  He is an okay actor, okay singer, okay dancer.  But he got the most amazing introduction to the show -- teenage dream with an amazing background choir!  Compare that to what they did with poor Irish kid.

    There is no other explanation for why a mediocre guy gets to be a super star over night.

    Also, everyone in Hollywood knows.

    P.S. - It bears noting that the producers of this Broadway show are lecherous men just like Ryan Murphy.  You do the math.

  • SDT

    More evidence:

    -In an early episode Blaine sings to that kid he likes who works at GAP.  And Blaine picks up a pair of pink sunglasses.  These are Darren Criss' pink sunglasses!  What other character gets to have his or her own personal stuff on the show as if it's part of the character?  I know:  None.

    -It looks like for early picture releases, though it can't be confirmed, that Blaine is wearing Darren Criss' Univ. of Michigan t-shirt in a scene.  Really?  In Ohio even!  Anyway, we'll see if that's true, but if so, it's too weird.

  • JulieStein

    You forgot my favorite one!  In an interview, Darren Criss says that he "texted" Ryan Murphy, "Hey, Animal is a great song," and then the next script showed up with Darren Criss singing "Animal." 

    Two things to be oberved:  (1)  At this point, he's new to the show.  Why is he texting the executive producer at all?  Who texts their boss?  Why would he be so forthcoming with suggestions when he's so new?  (2)  Then Ryan Murphy made it happen right away.

    Sounds like more numbers for the mathematic equation.  ;-)

  • Me

    I'm just scrolling through all these comments chuckling to myself.

    Yeah, someone didn't like his performance. Big deal. There are tons of people who did like it. I realize a bad review can hurt you, but, and I don't know Broadway theater very well, I would think a bunch of good reviews will balance it out. (Again, I don't know theater reviews very well, so if I'm wrong on this, don't hate me!)

    I am, however, angered by the fans who dressed up, cheered excessively, etc. It's extremely disrespectful.

  • Brnigrlfl

    Hmm well now that I watched the two new videos of darren criss performing the two big dance numbers. Have determined this review is for attention. Obviously its been a week so he I'm sure got better but from what I saw. Very impressive for only two weeks. The dancing was not close to how you described it. It was very good. So I'm starting to think you don't even go. Are you the same person whodidnt go to glee live and wrote a review and it fired for lying? I think with more time darren is going to be terrific.

  • Ms vatter

    I went to the show. I don't know what other article you're talking about, but this is what occurred at the performance i attended on January 6th

  • Steve

    And i'm assuming katherine was there too. She's too specific not to have been

  • RealityCheck

    Have you heard the clips of him singing?  Yikes. Sounds AWFUL!

  • John E

    Yay!  Finally someone who gets it with respect to Darren Criss.  I'm sick of reading all these love letters to him disguised as journalism.

  • Brnigrlfl

    Is this a personal blog or a real review? Very unproffesional if its the ladder. Seems you went on hating it rit off the bat. I do not condone the behavior of $OME of the behavior of fans but to put it in a performance review, seems silly. As for darren Criss. Though I am sure his 2 week rehearsal time vs the time Dan had should be mentioned. Also going to numerous productionsmyself, I agree with Mr. Criss when he said its a living breathing thing, and like Dan.. perfection comes from repetition. Your review has no merit except as a hate letter. Pointing out flaws as a constructive way of helping someone is tasteful what you did was not. I wish Mr Criss a happy memory of his time on Broadway and from what I hear he is gaining his perfectiin, its too bad he won't have a year to nail it as Dan did. If i remember dans debut was not so hot and he had alot of time to prepare.

  • Wow

    Maybe you can use a "ladder" to get yourself to the second floor of an English language school.

  • Atigrace1

    To each his own, I have no criticism for anyone's opinions regardless of how much I think this person who 'tried' but didn't like Darren Criss could have missed his 'likeability'. I didn't and still don't understand the whole Pippa Middleton fascination, but whatever!  Personally, I can't take my eyes off Darren when he's singing and/or dancing, acting etc (on Glee, at the Glee concert & anywhere I can find him) that includes Darren in interviews as well (he's a crack up). Just wish I had the opportunity to see him on Broadway!

  • Dianna

    Darren is an embarrassment to the broadway community, and his actions - telling people the show is "a vacation" for him, allowing his "Starkids" to sign at stagedoor, and disobeying the NYPD's closure of stage door in order to have a post-show singalong with the Starkids (because obviously, seeing the rest of the absolutely brilliant H2$ ensemble wasn't enough for his absolutely insane tween fans - these people had to see a bunch of nobodies sing badly written songs about Hogwarts in order to make the ticket price worth it!) just prove that he has no respect for broadway, the rest of the cast, or for the people who make their living performing on broadway.

  • Simon

    I haven't seen H2$, so I can't judge whether the choreography was good or not, but you have to keep in mind that they only had two weeks to rehearse. However, people should accept that this is a broadway show and no Darren-concert, so it's really wrong to go in there with your pink sunglasses on. I am a Darren-fan, but I'm afraid people might get the wrong image of his fans. As stuck-up as this sounds, I just really don't want to be associated with these people.

  • Guest

    This is Darren's first bad review. There will always be people who do not agree. However the majority of the reviews are full of praise. So we need to move on. It's one persons opinion and it does not need to be yours. I wasn't there the night she was, but when I saw it I liked it.

  • Steve

    No it's not.

  • Steve

    Also, most professional reviews of Darren's performance completely agree with what she said about Darren's voice.

    So stay pressed.

  • Monkeyaround92

    Ok. Hi. I'd just like to comment here. Your criticisms on  Darren are welcome. I haven't seen him act live, I've seen him singing live and it was incredible, but i've never seen him act live so something could have changed there. Anyways. I am here to comment on your analysis of the fans. I am a 19 year old Darren fan. I've grown up in the arts, so I know theater etiquette. However, many of the fans who attended this show were very young (12-15). This is likely their first broadway show, and maybe no one has told them how to act. It's not the child's fault in my opinion. It's the person who is responsible for the child. Their parents or relatives or older friends or whoever.

    Also its "a very potter musical kid" and they would be the same people as the starkids.

  • Ginnie, Philippines

    As for your comments on his dancing, have you seen the choreographer's instructions to him during rehearsals? He was reportedly very much spot-on -- TOO spot on, in fact, and they told him to kind of tone it down a bit because Finch is someone who lacks the kind of finesse that Darren displayed during practices.

  • Overexposure_Much

    So, dapat bang ma-impress kami dahil sobrang galing niya sa practice? A really good actor can portray a lack of "finesse" without compromising his energy and performance. I used to find Darren pretty cool, but with his red carpet antics and interviews... Add his delusional stans...   

  • Bob

    Alright, so what if Darren wasn't 'mindblowing.' The whole article is very juvenile and I remembering seeing many like this in my *high school* newspaper. No, that's a lie. The reviews in that were much less snarky, and catty. 

  • Steve

    To everyone who writes off this as a legitimate review because you disagree: okay, thanks.  You disagreed with an opinion, no one cares.

    To those who have tweeted it saying, "We have to do something about this rude article": Like what? Come into the comment section to say you disagree even if you haven't seen it simply because you are fan of Darren Criss?

  • Monkeyaround92

     no. because I feel personally insulted by someone who has never met me and has placed me into a category of screaming idiot tweens and has also insulted someone i care a lot about. I'm not here to disprove the article. I'm here to state my disagreement with the characterizations implied.

  • CarlD

    Someone you care a lot about?  I hope you actually know him otherwise you need some psychological help.

    Darren Criss cannot sing.  Listen to his Billboard videos.  Listen to his YouTube videos live.  If you can listen to those and still think the guy can sing, you are deluded.  Now, he seems nice enough (a bit fake modest; clearly cocky -- for example, he says, trying to be modest, "I was nobody last year," but of course this implies that people who are not famous are "nobodys," which is absurd).  People like him because he's cute.  If he were ugly, they'd hear how his voice really sounds without swooning over his curly locks.  I give him a couple more years and then he's done.

  • Steve

    A bad review should not be considered an insult.  Not everyone has to like his performance and you should respect as much and not discredit the author because you just really like, love him.

    And if you dislike being grouped in with your peers, then you should present yourself in a much classier manner than they do and share the word that you're embarrassed by their behavior.

    Frankly, if you don't act like the way the ones she encountered acted, then no one would even know you were even a fan of his.

  • fuck you and your ignorance

    fuck you. this is so wrong it's not even funny. darren was amazing, so seriously go suck a dick.

  • Steve

    Your comment is beautiful and tactful.  You show grace and poise and full understanding of the word "ignorance."

    Keep up the good work.

  • gossip jesus

    are you gonna tell us that he fucked them for the role too? because you seem classy and professional enough to pull that shit twice but idk, maybe you want to be ~original with your shitstirring. 

  • somepeopleneedlives

    i'm sorry but this is complete and utter bullshit.

  • Steve

    How so?

    She didn't like the show and listed her reasons why.She didn't lie at all. She didn't make up anything.

    How is it bullshit? Because you disagree?

  • Man

    Pretty much the most biased review I've ever read of anything.

  • Steve

    There's no such thing as an "unbiased review."

    An unbiased review would simply be a summary of the show with no comments on whether the actors or production are good or bad.

  • Matt B

    Seriously folks. Don't be mad because one person didn't like Darren Criss in How to Succeed. If you support him and YOU enjoyed the show it shouldn't matter. Should it? Of course it's biased! IT'S AN OPINION PIECE! She's not reporting for News Week or AP or something. Give the girl a break and calm down all of you. 

    No one cares about your opinion any more than you care about her opinion so just let it go and move on with your life.

  • I definitely agree that his fans are a lot less than civilized but I think the rude biting comments made in the article were unnecessary. I think people should be able to get their point across without having to insult a person.

    I personally love Darren Criss but I agree that his voice isn't fit that great for Broadway, he kind of sings without a lot of emotion despite having an amazing voice.

  • Steve

    She didn't really insult him though.  The only way to not insult him at all would be to say that she liked his performance, and she didn't.

  • thatonechick

    Darren isn't fit for Broadway, even when he did AVMP or AVMS he lacked some of the vocal "loudness". I mean, I'm a fan of his music and all but still. . . Anyway the part about the fans was what i was worried about the most. I want to see the show but i don't want to have it ruined due to other teenagers that can't hold their marriage proposals and declarations of love in for like 2 or 3 hours. so thank you for writing what you did it helped me decide if i was going to LA or NY for my vacation. (and i agree Daniel Radcliffe was so much better.) 

  • Michelle

    I actually saw the show tonight and I disagree with a lot of what this article is saying. Darren's voice is weak at times, not because he can't sing well, but because his voice is a better fit for coffee shops and albums, he's more of a singer-songwriter type then the broadway type. Coming in knowing this, I was blown away by his voice, while he did fall short every once in a while, he stayed on pitch, and his voice was incredibly strong. I've seen Daniel Radcliffe's Finch, and while I think he did a fantastic job, Darren's  blew Radcliffe's portrayal out of the water. Darren was funny, emotive, and showed enthusiasm and personality that Dan didn't lack, but didn't boast either. i was shocked by his dancing as well, and here I disagree IMMENSELY. The dancing in this show is brilliant, Darren aside, and so much fun to watch. With only two weeks of rehearsal under his belt, Darren managed to blend in with the highly trained chorus dancers when strutting his stuff alongside them. As for the fans, I'm personally involved in the Darren/Starkid/Glee fandom and I can tell you, yes we have out crazies, we try to keep them contained but it doesn't always work. I didn't have any problems with them being obnoxious at the show I saw. There was some crying, but I understood that , but for the most part they were respectful. It's a terrible thing to limit an entire fandom to three categories and tear each one apart. I don't know what show you saw, and I don't know what audience you sat in, but it was a thousand times different from my own.

  • CredibilityControl

    "I'm personally involved in the Darren/Starkid/Glee fandom"

    You just lost all credibility.

  • Guest

    I mainly agree with all of this, but you did not see the Dan fans, they were there with their Harry Potter clothing. No matter who the star is, they won't fully appreciate the show, because they are there for the star. Which is a shame, because it's a fantastic show

  • ChillPill

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and while i can appreciate a healthy debate,  biting at one another's throats and insulting one another is another thing entirely. Let's all just calm ourselves and take a breather, because in all honesty, you won't win an argument if the other person is not willing to listen to begin with.

  • chord overstreet

    so darren didn't fall off the stage this time?

  • Guest1

    As someone who SAW the show, I really really disagree with all of this for the most part.  Sure Darren doesn't have a booming B-Way voice-- he admits it.  But he sounded FANTASTIC in I Believe in You, and the entire theater was really intent on listening to that song because it was beautiful, and I was actually presently surprised that he sounded good on many of the other songs.  Beau did fumble around his lines, certainly though.  As for the "criticism" (or straight up bashing) of the choreography.... wow I have never disagreed more.  I thought it was fun and upbeat and Darren actually really nailed it (even more than Dan Radcliffe did, who I saw as well in the role).  I thought Darren really brought a new level of a kind of innocent vulnerability to Finch that was endearing and funny.  And Darren was lively and pulling funny expressions at the perfect moments THROUGH to the end, and by no means seemed tired or lazy. Take this article with a MASSIVE grain of salt.

  • Steve

    Why take it with a grain of salt?  Should only the positive reviews be taken into consideration?

  • Guest1

    If this article was a negative review full of constructive criticism, then I wouldn't say to take it with a grain of salt.  But there are maybe two valid points of criticism and the rest just reads as hate.  I agree that he doesn't have an ideal Broadway voice, but to say the choreography could be done by 5 year olds is just not only inaccurate but insulting as well.  And throwing in the rumor about him sleeping with Murphy is just juvenile, and again, hateful and not constructive at all.  I was there and the theater was basically 90% glee/starkid fans, and while I'm sure some of them acted silly, everyone was intent on ALL the actors and clapped and cheered for other actors as well (especially Bud Frump who they all fell in love with).  I'm not saying all the fans are respectful, but this just seems so exaggerated to me as someone who went to the show and REALLY enjoyed it.

  • Guest1

    *sorry, I meant 5th graders not 5 year olds

  • emily

    Great idea: Don't watch things you don't like. Find better things to do on the internet. and this a really stupid subject to write about.

  • Becca

    So by your logic no one should ever write a negative review of anything. They should also be psychic and know that they're not going to like it before they've seen it.

    Besides, they didn't say they didn't like the show. By the sounds if it they liked it aside from Darren and Beau Bridges.

    As for 'this is a really stupid subject to write about'... There are no words.

  • Steve

    How would she know she didn't like it if she didn't see it, though?

  • Gust

    LOL posting a review for entertainment is a stupid subject to write about?! I bet in your mind it wouldn't be a stupid subject if it had been glowing praise now would it? Jesus h Christ, go back to Mt. Darren Worship; AKA Tumblr.

  • Anonymous

    You might want to take your own advice.

  • Akitti234

    Okay, so I am a fan of Darren's, and I think you're absolutely right about his fans being disrespectful. I am ASHAMED of this fandom a lot of the time.
    But I have to say that you're wrong in that he IS a great actor and singer and he's amazing in this role.

  • Guest

    i invite you to rewatch the coffee shop scene in BIOTA--darren is literally terrible

  • Guest


  • Jesus

    Well, aren't you just a ray of sunsine?

  • Cee Lo Green

    I love Steve.

  • Steve

    I love Cee Lo

  • Guest
  • Ms. Vatter

    Also, please please please take the time to read other blog posts on this site! There are some really great bloggers here.

  • Ms. Vatter

    To be clear, I don't even hate Darren Criss.  Most of the comments here focused in on one comment or misinterpreted snark as hate.

    Again, I went to see this show as a Darren Criss fan.  I gave my opinion on his performance.  

  • Dslaurent

    Well, I assume the aim of this review was to drive traffic to your site and you've certainly achieved that goal. 

    It's a dreadfully written piece, though!  I hope you're not trying to pass yourself off as a journalist - you'd get kicked out of my (small, regional) newsroom so fast, your feet wouldn't touch the ground.  Repeating libelous gossip - you've got to be an amateur.

  • Guest

    "small, regional"

    I smell a redneck shut-in. Keep praying that CrissColfer will happen.

  • Guest

    The word "redneck" is a slur. Look it up. It is a demeaning characterization of white Southerners, the last remaining demographic that everyone seems to mock with impunity. A Darren Criss fan using a slur is unbecoming, not to mention disrespectful to Darren Criss, who advocates tolerance.

  • Steve

    It's written well and is on a blog.

  • Whatever

    ...Written well? STOP STEVE. DON'T DRINK THE KOOL AID.

  • barack obama

    lbr, great article.

  • Chris Colfer

    While I respect your article and your views on Darren's performance, and while I did not see the show myself, I believe that Darren should get his run in this musical extended to the end of this year. Or maybe just until the end of May.

  • Chord Overstreet

    I agree with this, Chirs. 

  • Chord Overstreet

    I meant Chris!! 

    R.I.P. lol

  • Burt

    I haven't seen the show either but I completely agree with you.

  • Max Adler

    You forgot to log out again, Chris.

  • heather morris's cat, zachary

    i'm sorry that darren criss can't help that it's murpissing!

  • Guest

    Its one thing to diss Darren for his singing or acting..God knows Darren doesn't give a shit what a coward on the internet who just spent her own money to watch his show thinks..thanks by the way..its another to say he is sleeping with his boss.. Katherine I am assuming you are a woman and you know the kind of discrimination we face in the world so why would you as a woman even joke or write about that? People made the same comment about Naya when she got more screentime and about Chris Colfer too. If you claim to be their fan how come you have no qualms spreading this filth about someone else? Someone you don't know.

     ONTD Glee poser- this is a New Year and while you spend your time inadvertently adding to Darren's growing fame-take the negativity down a notch. Your review would have been posted as valid but all the juvenile bull you put in this makes it a glorified ONTD post. You, my dear, are an idiot.

  • St elmos fire

    Naya Rivera and Chris Colfer are at least talented enough to have earned more screentime and exposure. Darren Criss is a joke. 

  • somepeopleneedlives


  • pichu01

    "a coward on the internet"
    uh it's not like she posted this anonymously or something and besides i love how this is coming from an ANON. be more hypocritical and stupid.

    also you tried it

  • Anti-Darrens are a joke

    My name is Barbara or username Duttybarb. I am not hiding at all. Nice to see confirmation that this is indeed ONTD annex. Further reason to dismiss this whole mess as an ONTD post that deserves only the best eye rolls and lol inducing entertainment. Didn't realise you strayed out of the ONTD cave, pichu01.

  • mhh

    haha omg

    you are one of the people that made the darren criss/klaine fandom so intolerable for me i finally abandoned it

    thanks for showing me the light bb <3

  • Emma Roberts

    yas duttybarb i bow to thee

  • pichu01

    Ok...im just going to say this and i mean it from the bottom of my heart.SO??????

  • Are you for real?

    "God knows Darren doesn't give a shit what a coward on the internet who just spent her own money to watch his show thinks"

    You're saying an actor wouldn't care what consumers of his output think of his performance? Are you seriously this stupid? Go back to middle school.

  • Guest

    All I am reading here is WAH WAH WAH..back to middle school.

    Yes I can see Darren curring about what Katherine ONTD Vattar is posting on her ONTD annex website. Yep I can see it..especially since she added the 'confirmed reports of Darren bending over for Ryan' like a true ONTD pro.

  • han

    Seriously get lost.

  • Emma Roberts

    u sound madT as fuq

  • Guest

    I was going to read this comment but the atrocious grammar and spelling coupled by the sheer idiocy put me off. Maybe next time, trollykins. Stick to Tumblr.

  • Replying to morons

    You're making a standard Hollywood practice into an issue of feminism when it involves two men? Really?

  • Guest

    It is an issue of feminism because it is not just in Hollywood. Women and men have been accused of granting special favours to top people for their success. Women more than others, its the reason why many women work so hard to prove themselves. She had no right to post that comment because it is not fact, it is spiteful and she should know better. I ask again how would she feel as a woman if someone said that Naya was blowing Brad for screen-time? Or Lea was granting Ryan special favours for all the screen-time she got or better yet Chris. Is it so hard to believe Naya got sudden fame because she works hard and sells well and is just lucky to be liked by her bosses? If its not hard to believe why spread false comments about someone else. We know as a discriminated class how much women go through and yet we have no qualms spreading this filth.

    Criticisms are everyone's right. Hate for hate's sake is cruel. Darren has done nothing to you or anyone to deserve this level of hatred. Saying shit on the internet because you are anonymous is cowardly. Remember that. Then again you are an ONTD poster so I am wasting my breath.

  • Guest

    "Women and men have been accused of granting special favours to top people for their success."

    I'm glad you've acknowledged that this is a phenomenon both genders experience, next time don't pull the feminism card when it's not relevant.

    I'm also not an ONTD poster. I found this post in Darren's tag on Tumblr. Nice to know you've completely written off a valid criticism because of an online community. I'll be sure to write off all Darren fans based on your ignorance and hypocrisy.

  • Anti-Darrens are a joke

    It is still a feminist issue because women always get slapped with nailing their bosses when they succeed in just about any field. She should know better.

    I really don't give two if you like Darren fans. The arrogance of the anti Darrens is hilarious..who cares what you think? I am only here for the stupid comment about him shagging his boss. 

  • Guest

    It's not a feminist issue. Just because it happens to women as well as men doesn't make it a feminist issue. Parking tickets happen to women as well as men and aren't a feminist issue. Just because you try and make it into one doesn't mean it is one.

  • Christine

    Lea and Naya are talented though.

    And she's hardly being anonymous.

  • Guest

    Yes because Julia Roberts wasn't talented? She was also said to have nailed many a producer in her day. But that doesn't make it true does it.

  • Emma Roberts


  • Guest

    You're literally insane. Seek help.

    P.S. Enjoy Darren's flash in the pan fame while you can. His lackluster stint will guarantee this'll be the beginning and end of his Broadway career. He should have left it for the talented like Lea Michele.

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