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The Eazy E/D-Hack Line of Dominance

Submitted by Veronique Lin on May 12, 2010 – 12:56 pmComments

Throughout our climb to the summit of true adulthood we develop what some people might call discerning tastes in which people we want to befriend or date. After the hippies-on-a-sugar-high, free love that is toddler-dom, follows the germination of the First Seed of clique-age in high school. We define which character amalgams serve as a veritable cacophony of traits so distant from our immediate sphere of acceptance as to elicit a low response on the sliding scale of friendliness. Some might see it as a kind of social exclusivity clause. Hierarchies are biologically entrenched in the time-tested process of evolution, but no matter how vocal we may be about our take on exclusivity, we need to recognize how we apply this theory to ourselves before we turn its judgment on others.

In other words, how confident are you of your place in all of this? Most of us pretty much spend our entire personal development jumping rope back and forth over the properly termed ‘Eazy E/D-Hack line of dominance’. Personally I was jockin’ the bitches/slappin’ the hos in my teen years . . . fo’ sho’. Now the wonder years are past, and my twenties are a hop and a skip away from screening to Cat Power’s, “Ooonce IIii wanted to beeee the greatest.” Career success in the post-grad world has suddenly become what looks and confidence were in high school - a social warranty of security in whichever field you invest your values. I, for one, find maneuvering under the power of self-determination theory far more challenging to my confidence than that superficial method of judgment over which I have little control.
Essentially, fellow twenty-somethings, we’re all in the same boat, even if in different places across the river. You never know when the tides might turn, so I say drop the act and cry solidarity. Way too much of grown up life is defined by contractual obligations. Be Eazy.

Who you think brought you the O.G.s?

Who you think brought you the O.G.s?

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