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Background Check.

Submitted by maggie on July 10, 2010 – 1:12 amComments

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winking-smileyGirls today can’t be too careful about the men they date.  Say you meet someone and may be interested in them but really want to be sure before you invest your valuable time and emotions.  But how? Research.  To ensure your spark is safe, single, and someone you share interests with, thorough research will do the trick.  I have put together a quick run-down of the best ways to make sure that your potential love nugget is up to par.

First, and most importantly, check his facebook.  This will not only reveal integral likes such as music, tv shows, and fan pages, but you can see who his friends are and which pictures he considers flattering enough to be used as his profile pic.  Make sure you check for patterns of other girls, if anyone shows up in pictures with him more than ten times and doesn’t share his last name you should message them to make sure they’re not dating him.  If girls leave flirty posts on his wall or anything involving an emoticon message them too.  Once you have cleared all potential female threats, drop him a poke and move onto the next internet venue.

If your boy-toy is up with the current times (or has a pulse) he should have a twitter account.  Follow it immediately.  This will become integral in knowing his every thought and movement.  You can gain a deeper introspective on what celebrities he models himself after by checking the other feeds that he follows, and maybe join some of the same ones to provide you with food for discussion.

Next go to the government website for his home state and find the court records.  Since any charges are public information you will be able to see if he has been sued, has a DUI, or murder charges pending.  If you’re lucky enough he may have traffic violations and you can find out what kind of car he drives and if you would like to be seen around town in it.

After this google his name and check various dating sites, linkedin, all high school and university athletic rosters, and god forbid myspace.  Be sure that you search every nook and cranny of the world wide web for info on your sweetie.

By now you should have a solid grasp on who this boy really is, what is important to him, and most importantly, how strong of a match you two could be.  Research is key in the base of any stable relationship, and by taking the initiative you will show him you really care, so get out that mouse and start digging!

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  • Hahaha... These points are awesome. I will consider these point from now onwards. Nice idea.

  • Ina

    I agree with Caroline, unless you've had a run-in with a really, really dangerous guy and were deceived...

  • LaMarEstaba

    These suggestions border on online stalking. Being informed is one thing; finding out every single thing you can about your SO's life is another.

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