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Why Sobbing Like a Baby Last Night was Particularly Embarrassing

Submitted by Katharine Vatter on June 17, 2010 – 2:47 amComments

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(It should be noted that I wrote this several days ago)

I’m younger than many of the bloggers and readers of this site (I assume.  I haven’t conducted a formal survey…yet).  Because of my predisposition (I’m really not that much younger, I swear), Harry Potter ruled my childhood. And teenage years.  And what I’ve had of my twenties (6 months. Feel old yet?).

Now, I’ve cried in manners relating to Harry Potter before.  No one knew who Hermione was yet in the 4th grader when I dressed as her for Halloween.  I cried when I skinned my knee trying to play quidditch.  I didn’t cry when Sirius died, and only teared when Dumbledore got AKed*, but SPOILER ALERT: I was a hot mess the entirety of the seventh book (except that bit in the forest.  1/3 of the book spent camping. Really?).  By the time Lupin had died, hold me closer, Tony Danza (count the head live on the highway), I had to stop reading at times due to the immense amounts of snot and tears on my face.

I didn’t cry when I got my Harry Potter related tattoo, but I nearly passed out, so that counts.

But over the past few months, my world started collapsing.  First the Weasley twins were done filming.  Then Alan Rickman finished up.  The yesterday, the news that broke my heart broke: it was the last day of shooting for Harry Potter.  Ever.  Done.  Emma Watson is gone from the acting world (I assume.  Homegirl isn’t that good).  Rupert Grint will have the time to sweep me off of my feet (An Officer and a Gentleman style, I hope).  Daniele Radcliffe will probably be cast as a Tolkein character.  And I will wallow in my own self pity at the beginning of the end of my childhood (it’s high time for it).

Dare I say Harry Potter changed my life? I dare so.  Did it change yours too? Probably.  Maybe not directly so.  But Harry Potter paved the way for adults to (sometimes) pull off (not usually) a cape in public.  Harry Potter made it cool for a t-shirt to have Alan Rickman’s face on it.  Harry Potter made it possible to bring Eqqus back (and not only for people who are “into that kind of thing”).  Harry Potter made Twilight happen.  Plus Robert Pattinson then, who was cast for Twilight because of Harry Potter.  And let’s all be honest, it probably made Justin Bieber happen.

And so now that the movies are done, will I be done? Was my sobbing last night at the thought of Harry Potter ending simply foreshadowing how bad it will be in the very end?

One day I’ll have to go out into The Real World without a diploma from Hogwarts in hand.  But when that day comes, I will be poised, wand at the ready, keeping constant vigilance, and remembering that it doesn’t do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

I’ll also be sure not to put my name into the Goblet of Fire.

And that it’s Wingardium Levi-O-sa, not Wigardium Levio-SA.

*Avada Kedavra- the killing curse

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