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Twlight: A Love-Hate Relationship

Submitted by Elyse W on June 26, 2010 – 6:01 pmComments

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Photo courtesy of EllieWilk via polyvore

Photo courtesy of EllieWilk via polyvore

At one time, I was completely anti-Twilight—you know, that teeny-bopper series you see middle-aged professionals reading on the train. I never even heard of it until the first movie came out. I didn’t want to participate, I laughed at my best friend’s complete and utter infatuation with the books.

One lonely night, on the cusp of my college graduation, I succumbed and rented the movie out of pure procrastination to complete my thesis. Wouldn’t you know, the acting sucked and the effects were ridiculous, but somehow I wanted to watch it again. I fell into a why-can’t-my- life –be- like -Edward –and-Bella depression.

I was a little embarrassed by love-hate relationship with Twilight. I was so averse at first, but now completely enamored.  What was it about these books? Ok, so far I only saw the movie, but I was waiting for New Moon with wild anticipation. Once again, cinematically disappointing, but my interest did not wane (no pun intended).

Soon after I saw the sequel, I went on a ski trip and bought the third book, Eclipse. Let me break it down. In the time span of a weekend I finished Eclipse, dragged my boyfriend to a Walmart, purchased the final book Breaking Dawn and read it by the time we got home from our trip. That is 1,396 pages to be exact.

My depression only got worse. Was it the simplistic prose I wonder? No, in fact, I realized that I was lacking any semblance of passion in my life, and somehow this cult-like book series helped me see the light.

I want to full-heartedly commit to something, not just love. A career. A workout regimen. A meal even. Thus the appeal of the series, I’m jealous of these teenage vampire lovers and their unwavering certainty.

Where do I go from here?  As far as I know, vampires don’t exist, and Robert Pattinson won’t be knocking on my door any time soon to bite me and sweep me off my feet.

FYI, Eclipse comes out in theaters June 30, all signs point to me being there opening night.

-Elyse Wood

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