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Tissues Sold Separately.

Submitted by maggie on March 1, 2010 – 4:17 amComments

Please read the following question and select the answer that best fits:

Barbie and Ken have recently broken up. How should Barbie handle the situation?

A) Completely cut Ken out of her life. As her other he is no longer significant, so what good will come of any further involvement?  Immediately return any presents, photographs, or letters Ken gave her, but hold onto the sparkly pink ring that matches the lipstick she used to write a hate note on his car windshield.

B) Remain friends with Ken. Keep in contact; give him a call on her old-fashioned phone to see how his life is going. Be his shoulder to cry on when Midge cheats on him. If things get steamy in the back of the pink convertible every now and then it won’t hurt, as long as Barbie can keep those emotions reined in.

C) Tread carefully. They both need space and time to move on, but there is no reason they cannot be a part of each other’s lives eventually. Once Barbie has cried all her tears and gotten over any residual resentment she may find herself in a place where she wants to talk to Ken. If not, a date with G.I. Joe will surely provide a much-welcomed distraction. There’s plenty more plastic in the toy aisle.

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