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The Meaning of Summer for Adults

Submitted by Clay Neesham on August 26, 2010 – 4:48 pmComments

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by Gefadme2d

by Gefadme2d

Everyone remembers how much we loved summer as children. The mostly carefree endless amount of free time between school grades has become so engrained in our memories that we shamelessly romanticize it in our heads. When we think back on summertime when we were kids we remember the swimming pools and barbecues, and tend to forget about the boredom and mosquitoes.

But when we become adults summertime loses much of the meaning it once had for us. That is because with the exception of teachers, adults have to work full time throughout the year. When summer comes around we don’t stop to enjoy a long stretch of vacation. We continue working, the same as we would during the other three seasons. This in theory makes summertime the same as the rest of the year.

That’s how it should be in theory. But in spite of there being no need to look forward to the summer months, adults still to. We still have a slight gleeful tone in our voices when talking about summertime. If we have vacation time from work we try and schedule it during the summer months. We make time to go to swimming pools, or the beach, or the movies, or any of the activities we indulged in during the summer in our childhood. In short, we still treat summer differently then the rest of the year.

Why is that? If it our way of holding on to our youth? It is not letting adulthood limit how we enjoy ourselves? Is it not being able to let go of an ideology that’s embedded into our brain since we begin nursery school?

I’m not sure of the answer actually. All I know is summertime is still special, regardless of how old we are.

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