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Texts and e-mails and wall posts…Oh my!

Submitted by Marisa Kabas on June 23, 2010 – 10:26 pmComments

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There have always been rules when it comes to dating. “Wait three days to call”, “Don’t call him, he’ll call you”, “If a guy doesn’t make the effort, he’s not worth it anyway.” These rules are antiquated, and in no way help us navigate the absurd number of channels of communication we can utilize to establish contact with a love interest. Cell phone calls, text messages, Facebook wall posts, Facebook messages, e-mails, IMs, G-chats, direct Twitter message, BBMs- modern guys and gals have so many options, and even though I’d love to say that we all have the cajones to pick up the phone and call, I know far too well from experience that this is rarely the method employed. And so, I ask you, do a new set of rules need to be written to address this onslaught of options?

This rant might sound familiar, possibly conjuring images of Drew Barrymore in “He’s Just Not That Into You” complaining to ScarJo that it’s exhausting to be rejected by so many different forms of technology. And even though I can’t actually feel sorry for Drew because she gets to share a bed with the adorable Apple guy, her sentiment was oh so true. The typical sequence of events goes a little something like this:

  1. You meet.
  2. He asks for your number.
  3. You go home and create an elaborate fantasy about the possibilities of your future together.

Then, either:

  1. He calls you the next day.
  2. He texts you the next day.
  3. He Facebooks you the next day.
  4. He does none of the above, and you’re stuck contemplating how soon you can Facebook him without him thinking you’re a massive creep.

Sound familiar? I thought so. But even after having gone through this maddening cycle a hundred times, I still don’t feel any better equipped to deal with it. It’s a pretty sweeping issue to cover in just a few paragraphs: you know, the breakdown of communication between men and women in the 21st century. However, I will say this (yes, I’m talkin to you): when in doubt just CALL. It’s a small gesture that goes such a long way. And if we don’t answer? Leave a…..message- yes I’m sure message was the word you were looking for. As flattering as it to receive an IM from a guy during his break between meetings to see how the rest of your weekend went, the sheer act of picking up your cell, scrolling to a girl’s name and pressing send really (and sadly) shows how much you care.

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  • Dancshrink

    so back to basics really works best in this day of complex technology simplify such a great message

  • Truly novel concept! Hopefully people take note and start employing your methods!!!

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