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Love in the age of mobility
July 1, 2010 – 7:17 am | Comments

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It can be a great thing, globalization. Much as I’m up for railing against its evils, it sure as hell has some upsides to …

The (Online) Buffalo Exchange of Romance
June 29, 2010 – 9:29 pm | Comments
The (Online) Buffalo Exchange of Romance

Online dating – it’s got a bad rap, even still. Sure, it’s impersonal, a little tacky, and potentially creepy, but think of it as a Virtual Outlet Mall (VOM). In a recession everyone wants the …

Twlight: A Love-Hate Relationship
June 26, 2010 – 6:01 pm | Comments
Twlight: A Love-Hate Relationship

Albeit pathetic, I’m quite positive I’m jealous of these teenage vampires and their undying passion and commitment for each other. I shake my fists at thee Edward and Bella.

Relationship Limbo
June 26, 2010 – 12:58 am | Comments
Relationship Limbo

Breaking up was easy to do.
I moved back to Alaska, they were in New Jersey.  The time zone alone made it nearly impossible for us to talk even once a day.  With no future geographical …

Freeze Frame
June 25, 2010 – 6:35 pm | Comments
Freeze Frame

Stuck or smart? Copious reflection leads to better choices.

It’s either budding love or lonely infatuation…
June 24, 2010 – 6:27 am | Comments

The beginning stages of a relationship are a special time. Special, exciting, and - yes - downright scary. I’m always questioning in the back of my mind if this person will eventually break my heart, light it on fire, and feed the remains to the feral cat that wanders the 4300 block of Van Nuys Boulevard.

Learning to Love the Hook-Up
June 22, 2010 – 5:32 am | Comments
Learning to Love the Hook-Up

Imagine a man and a woman in their young twenties. They meet. There are sparks. They go out.

What Forever Really Means…
June 21, 2010 – 2:39 am | Comments
What Forever Really Means…

I recently read Forever… by Judy Blume and it really made me think about first love and the choices we make when it comes to dealing with our past realtionships.