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It’s either budding love or lonely infatuation…

Submitted by Jenny Roth on June 24, 2010 – 6:27 amComments

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The beginning stages of a relationship are a special time. Special, exciting, and - yes - downright scary. I’m always questioning in the back of my mind if this person will eventually break my heart, light it on fire, and feed the remains to the feral cat that wanders the 4300 block of Van Nuys Boulevard.

Here’s the thing: when you really like a person, you tend to become a little bit obsessed. Take me, for example. Just a couple weeks ago I was sitting on the couch alone watching Bridget Jones’ Diary on DVD, eating frozen yogurt from the carton, and feeling sorry for myself. Across town was a man doing the exact same thing. (Minus the chick flick part and substituting frozen yogurt for beer.) Somehow we ended up finding each other. Long story short: we’re both pretty excited to have a partner.

So here we are in the first stage of the relationship. We text a million times per day. We call. We e-mail. We Facebook. We find time to hang out despite hectic schedules. We really like each other. And it’s kind of addicting to know that someone likes me as much as I like him. But there’s always that nagging feeling. Will this last? The past few relationships I’ve ventured into have been disasters of Hindenburg proportions. I’m at least hoping for this guy to stick around until November. I’d really like to have sex on my birthday this year.

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