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Super Hero’s and Villains of the real world.

Submitted by Sara McClory on July 12, 2010 – 5:58 pmComments

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images-2With all the hype of fiction this past year, whether it’s vampires or wizards I thought it might be nice to acknowledge the real hero’s and villains in the real world. What does real mean? No Cullen’s, nothing from D.C. comics, no fictional characters what so ever no matter how cool their lighting scar looks.

To end on a good night, let’s start with the villains. First would have to be BP. They totally destroyed our waters and if the 2012 end of the world fanatics didn’t have proof of something going wrong in two years, they do now. Just when I got my mother to admit 2012 is just a year, BP goes and ruin’s it and makes it seem that our toxic water is what’s going to help destroy earth. Note to BP, I’ll be sending you a card with my hand waving a finger in it; I bet you can guess what finger it will be. Another villain or villains are the Russian spies that were hiding in America. Mikhail Kutzik and Natalia Pevevezera come over to America, had kids and got decent jobs and the whole time they were working for Russia. I thought this story was fake because Russian Spies, seriously? It’s like a bad 1980’s flick. Last but not least are celebrities. Now I know that I’m vague but I’m getting tired of celebrities buying half a million dollar cars and thousands of dollars for luxury items that in the end aren’t happy about it. Stop complaining; we are in the worst recession imaginable and I have to see Khloe Kardashian buy her hubby a $400,000 Rolls Royce?! I don’t think so. Share the wealth, were dying out here in brokesville.

To get your spirits up, here is some hero’s worth praise. In my eyes Steve Carell has made me laugh for years and his new animated film ‘Despicable Me’ only adds to his value. Not only did the film beat out the twilight movie, but also it’s so adorable that I almost exploded. He’s funny and in an economy like this, everyone needs a good laugh now and then. The other hero is Paul the oracle octopus. He’s the critter that has predicted 8 out of 8 games so far and his accuracy has been sending bets to an all time high. He’s also very cute (as much as an octopus can be) and an internet sensation has made this water friend a person/character to remember. Though there are so many names I could mention for being heroes, acknowledging the ones that do things with no reward seems like a better idea. The last hero or hero’s are volunteers. From helping Haiti to the struggling people affected by the oil spill, the unnamed volunteers are the real hero’s because they do with no recognition and no reward.

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