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Run with me!?

Submitted by L.A. Urko on May 20, 2010 – 5:45 pmComments

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Central Park

Ever feel like somethings only happen to you? Like maybe a camera crew should follow you around because your life, at times, is more entertaining than some reality TV shows? I just think life happens to me differently than other men and women. The decision made by other people cause these moments, not anything that I do.

For example, I went for a run in Central park. I have done this many times without any awkward happenings but this day was an exception. It was a very warm Friday early afternoon and there were many high school students having class in the park. There are always a ton of people in the park but no one seems to bother with the many runners, walkers, or bikers. As I ran through a group of students, one boy stopped, stared at me, and began running next to me. His entire class laughed. They pointed and were COMPLETELY laughing AT ME. He continued to run with me for about ten strides. As he mocked me, I commented saying, “You’re so funny”. He stopped and I continued on my run.

I felt like an awkward situation had just happened to me, but I survived so I let it go. I may be embarrassed by the fact that I made the day of some high school aged New Yorkers but if it does not kill you then it makes you stronger, right?

Less than fifteen minutes later, a different high school boy approached me and did the exact same thing. REALLY?! Something like that happens to people, twice!? I could not even respond to this boy! I just laughed with his classmates that were again, laughing at me. It is interesting how one person’s odd choice is the same as another AND chose to do it, coincidentally, to the same person.
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