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Reality TV is so life like…FULL OF CHOICES!

Submitted by L.A. Urko on August 6, 2010 – 6:00 pmComments

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I never really realized how much I enjoy reality television until someone said “You love reality TV, huh?” Honestly, I was offended at first but then I realized how true it was.

One thing that I love about reality television is definitely the fact that it makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER ABOUT MY LIFE! When I think I have had a rough weekend, I see the Jersey Shore and think well, I was not that bad! When I am sad and need something uplifting, Biggest Loser or Losing It with Jillian, make me smile because everyone is a winner there!

When I think my life has drama or that girls I know are crazy, I just turn on my favorite reality show, The Real Housewives. When you are watching these shows, you do what you do in real life! You take sides! Do not lie, in real life you pretend to be neutral but a part of you is always on someone’’s side.

When I see Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline having issue with Danielle, I can’t help but feel like Danielle is the bad guy and that I would be on the other team! When Bethenny and Jill were no longer friends, I sided with Bethenny (I WAS A HUGE BETHENNY AND JILL FAN).

The luxurious life of these people entertain me for whatever reason and I think it is because it mirrors life. You get so into it, you feel for these people! Like when Albie needed to get a letter from his law school stating he could apply to another one, I was really pulling for him! As creepy as this sounds, these people become your friends and you choose who you like, dislike, and hope leaves the show. Sometimes I choose to learn a thing or two from these people as well, like how you can be a real housewife without a husband, and the consequences of pulling someone’s weave.

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