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Odaiba, the Floating City

Submitted by Jillian on July 7, 2009 – 2:49 amComments

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When you think of man-made islands, the Statue of Liberty, and GIANT ROBOTS, what comes to mind?  The city of the future?  If so, you are correct!  And that future is Odaiba, the floating city.

The first stop on our trip in the city of the future was to Fuji TV, the wildly constructed building that houses some of Japan’s finest entertainment, such as “Baby! Baby! Baby!”, which judging by the ad looked like a show about three women knocked up by the same guy.  The building is rampant with large blue dog statues and plushes, giving the whole area a kind of comical air (but then, this feeling seems to float around Japan).  The building has two observation decks: one on the 25th floor that is free, and one on the 26th that costs money to get to, which kind of seems like a flaw in the system to me, but either way, the view is pretty spectacular.

After saying our goodbyes to the big blue dog, we headed along the island’s little coast, where we found our Lady Liberty, borrowed for a little Japanese vacay time.  Apparently, everything really is smaller in Japan, because the Statue of Liberty seemed to shrink a good 100 meters or so.  We decided to visit the Japanese Liberty’s boyfriend next; the great Gundam that has recently been completed.  This guy stands 59 feet tall, and so you can imagine what a good time we had taking pictures in various poses of us running away/standing tall to defeat evil.

We next went to the Miraikan museum, or the museum of the future!  The museum has the coolest exhibits-attachable robotic tails, moving rooms that have viewing capabilities when attached to a walking robot-all which closed just as we walked up to them.  The city of the future it may be, but the portal of glimpses into it has an early curfew.

The train ride out of the city gave me a chance to reflect on all the things we had seen; I wondered if the future will really hold mini Statues of Liberty and Giant Robots.  Perhaps as an omen, we rode by the giant Gundam, who seemed to wink goodbye as his sparkling lights decorated the view home.

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