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Back to Basics: Dressing On A Dime

Submitted by Sara McClory on June 26, 2011 – 11:45 pmComments

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plasticbagdressLet’s face it, we are all pretty much broke. No matter how you accept it, it’s the truth, so deal with it! But there’s a problem because unlike everything else, us gals still need to look good without taking out a loan to pay for it. Seriously, have you seen some of the prices at Nordstrom? $100 falling apart jeans can stay on their racks any day. Since money doesn’t grow on trees (well, if you want to get technical…then they sort of do), there needs to be the medium of looking good and being thrifty. The biggest money saver is turning back to basics and putting on those old thinking caps by follow these steps.

Step One: Break Up With Your High-end Retail Stores. They are trying to destroy you!

This step should be obvious, but look at the logic. They sell things that cost little to make, causing your bank account to catch cobwebs. They don’t care about you, and too many times is that ‘perfect’ shirt stay hanging in the closet, because the event to wear it to never seems to come. Their not worth your money woes so kick ‘em to the curb girl!

Step Two: Create your own style.

Pricy sandals? Buy cheap ones and create your own vintage or glamorous version. It will make you look fashionable, as well as being God to create whatever you want! Muhahahaha! Rip up some fabric, braiding it and sew them into the sandals or add charms. If they’re leather you can dye them, add designs and claim to have spent a fortune!

Step Three: Back to Basics.

Buy plain and make your accessories extravagant. Don’t worry about wearing real jewelry, no one cares unless your royalty. It says ‘Hey, what a good idea- she’s so creative and a fashionista!’ White blouse with a long and beautiful necklace or wild earrings with an amazing but simple up-do will be a hell of a lot cheaper than trying to take on the high end. Take a cheap pair of jeans at the Salvation Army (you’d be surprised the good stuff in there), and destroy them yourself, saving yourself about $90.

Step Four: Lower that Nose, Snob!

Boutiques have the most interesting clothing for cheap prices, and places like Marshalls and T.J.Maxx can give you that designer fix your feening. But so can second hand stores. Most people sell their pricey clothes to them, giving you the deal. At this point too, handbags are overrated but knock-offs are on the rise and even I can’t tell which one is real or fake anymore. The beauty of these stores is it create an entirely new wardrobe in your house, and sets you apart from the mob of women at Nordstrom.

Take pride in buying cheap but still being able to execute the perfect look. It’s easy when your fashion savvy and economically logical, because I’m not talking about lowering your standards, but expanding your thinking.

That’s something we all can afford.

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