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I Stand by My Youthful Assertion that College isn’t that Hard

Submitted by Katharine Vatter on October 5, 2010 – 7:20 pmComments

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My third (and final) year of college started last month.  So that’s why I haven’t been around (as if my posting schedule wasn’t erratic enough to start with).

I know what you may be thinking: “Man, she must be really busy, ESPECIALLY because she’s obviously cramming classes in to graduate early!”

And to you, naysayers, I say, “naps are extraordinarily time consuming.”


Naps are the staple of adulthood.  Also hearing a professor say “masturbation” multiple times and hearing zero laughter, but mostly napping.

I was young when I latched onto the wondrous world of napping.  My parents were nappers themselves, so I had quality example setting around me.  It was probably freshmen year of high school when I began to take napping seriously.  I would come home from track practice, take a quick nap before dinner, then go to drama club practice (I learned early that homework wasn’t for me).  Naps took me away to another land, but during the day and they don’t really feel that restful, to be quite honest.

I developed a habit at a young age that I would cherish for a lifetime.  I heard older kids come back from college and say that they learned to really nap, and figured I at least had that part down.  I’ve actually come to nap less during college, though.  I’d rather spend hours watching TV, reading fanfiction, or teaching myself to draw pictures of Gale Harold (who will be on Hellcats this week, for everyone who agrees with me that it’s a stupid show but worth tuning into for Gale).

I can’t help but wonder, though; next year I’ll be off into the “real world.” I’ll probably be commuting every day for at least a year.  Will I rediscover the world of the nap? Will I learn to appreciate my fallen passion again?  Will my room finally stop being so fucking cold all the time, thus making it hard to nap?

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