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I Have No Shame

Submitted by Katharine Vatter on June 25, 2010 – 2:52 amComments

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Here we see the Bieber in his natural habitat

I sometimes do, but rarely.  When people ask what I’m reading, I admit that it’s fanfiction.  I still think The Real World/Road Rules Challenges should be watercooler fodder.  I even admit that I find gingers unbearably attractive.

But where do I draw the line? Is it okay to gush to my coworkers about how in love I am with Sharlto Copley? Is it okay to admit I enjoyed Paul Blart: Mall Cop on more than one occasion?

Or is it that I have Bieber Fever?

I don’t actually have Bieber Fever, but if I did, would I admit to it? It’s one thing to love Gaga (as I do), but Justin Bieber is like High School Musical era Zac Efron, only without the festering talent that would later explode into the gloriousness of 17 Again.

The Biebs didn’t even get that hair style first. He’s just ZEfron 2.0. But, again, with less talent and charm (I have no shame in admitting I love the ZEf).

Should I be ashamed that I’ve compared a (how old is he? 12 years old?) boy to a man? (Have you seen ZEfron’s mustache lately?) Should I be ashamed that I’m using gossip style name abbreviations? Should I be ashamed that I made up the phrase “Bieber Fever?” Did I really even make that up, or did I hear it somewhere and forget?

Should I be ashamed that I compare my love for Sharlto Copley to Bieber Fever? (Should I be ashamed that I just noticed that “harlots” is an anagram of “Sharlto?”)

I think Bieber Fever is just that: a fever; an illness. It should not be shared with others.

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  • ginger blackstone

    I like reflective people who enjoy crappy music and pop culture. They have a sense of humor.

  • Vail

    Hm..I personally think all of those things are in the 'crap' category, so I don't see any difference between admitting to liking Zac Efron or admitting to liking Justin Bieber. It really comes down to what the real topic is - is it music? looks? celebrity status? entertainment value? The context truly makes a difference. I personally believe there is more out there to explore that offers a lot more depth if we are talking about music or intellectual stimulus. If we are talking about looks, celebrity, or entertainment value, then there is really nothing wrong with admitting you find Justin Bieber entertaining, because he is. In the end, no one should ever have any shame in admitting the choices they make. Our responsibility to that kind of honesty is not to judge, and if we disagree, to offer up alternatives the other person may not yet have heard or seen. I do agree with you that Bieber is a fever/phase/trend and it should not be compared to your love or appreciation of Copely, which is probably inspired by much more substantial thought and less by the idea of being 'cool'.

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