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How You Didn’t Really Relate to Daria as Much as You Thought You Did

Submitted by Katharine Vatter on June 10, 2010 – 3:27 amComments

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With MTV’s late ‘90s show Daria beingdaria released on DVD, there’s suddenly an abundance of twenty somethings reminiscing about how much they related to the (not very) charming Miss Morgendorffer.

Sure we were all just like Daria, hated our overworked parents, hated our vapid sister, had our one friend who was into Dadaism and avant garde mosaics, and had a crush on that friend’s older brother who was on the fast track to nowhere.

Sure, when you were fourteen, Daria was totally right. You felt out of place, and she did too, so you latched on to what you had and wanted to be Daria.  If only you could let social norms go and not care about fitting in.  If only you could wear green with brown and combat boots while replying with snippy comments to everything anyone said to you ever.

But think about it now: you would hate Daria if you knew her. She’s condescending, antisocial, and bland. So who would you relate to in the show? No one wants to relate to Brittany or Quinn, you’d be everything Daria hated, and that wouldn’t work either.

You would relate to Jane.  You’re right, I don’t know you. Maybe you really did relate to Daria.  But Jane was the all encompassing character of the show. She was relatively friendly, had more than one interest, did well in some subjects in school, struggled in others. She could spot the vapidity of the students around her, but still made enough of an effort to not be hated back.  Jane Lane was who you should have been dressing up as for Halloween.

Daria Morgendorffer is kind of a giant bitch.

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  • Roy Thomas

    Good thoughts, and yes Jane does seem more likable, but Jane and Trent are on the same road to nowhere. Daria is a realist. From the viewpoint of a shallow observer, she seems cynical and negative, but she is just being honest. Society does not like that. Don't blame Daria for Society's delusional mindset. From the viewpoint of Jane and Trent, Daria is wise, observant, loyal, and not sucked into idiocracy and manipulation. Just give her a little more decorum and kindness in her words and you have a model friend.

  • Jo

    honest =/= realist. she's a hypocrite, judging people on a shallow level while accusing them of doing the same thing. she conforms to stereotypes like she thinks others do. she lacks a real personality.

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