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How Not to Blog

Submitted by AB on August 4, 2010 – 11:10 amComments

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There comes a point in many people’s lives- whether they are students embarking on long-distance travels, aging parents with spare time on their hands, or twenty-somethings who believe their fascinating lives are worthy of publication- when they feel they should document their happenings online in a blog. Unfortunately, few people other than direct relatives actually care to indulge in these perhaps less-than-thrilling posts.

For blog writers seriously seeking an audience, there are some obvious pitfalls to avoid. For example, a twelve-page equivalent minute-by-minute recollection of Amy’s flight to Amsterdam may not be too engaging for the casual reader. Concise, specific topics are key. If nothing interesting happens for eight hours, don’t feel compelled to share your boredom with the world. An ostensibly bland topic, however, has the potential to rivet audiences if novel insights, clever findings, or even humorous content jazz up the piece. Imagine if airborne Amy blogged about how she kung-fued her way down the aisle and accidentally socked an old lady in the face. That’s kind of farcically intriguing and slightly different than the average trip. Blogging about that might capture an audience.

This all seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many boring, useless blogs exist on the internet. People have become obsessed with expressing themselves, sharing their point of views, and posting it all on an online forum with the hopes that millions of followers will devour their every word. Hate to burst your bubble, but retaining a devoted audience is not for the bland-at-hand.

So before you embark on your blogging endeavor and commit hours to transcribing your mundane life, pause and objectively consider whether your time is worth the effort. A little reflection beforehand may save you from a pointless attempt.

If only I could take my own advice…

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