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From Martinis to Milk

Submitted by Megan Rawley Hernandez on June 10, 2010 – 6:17 pmComments

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The other day my sister and I were driving around listening to Lady Gaga. Since seemingly half of her songs are about being in a club, I wondered aloud if a particular song would actually be any fun to dance to. To which my sister responded: “Well, you see, Megan, in a club they have a D.J. who mixes two records togeth…”

“Allison, I KNOW what a D.J. does. I’ve BEEN to a club. I’m not THAT old!”

“Oh, no I know! Of course you have. Sorry.”

As I sat there recovering from my righteous indignation, I tried to remember the last time I had actually gone dancing. I looked at my toddler sipping milk in the backseat and realized with horror that the last time I had a taste of the nightlife I was in the early stages of my pregnancy with her. So early, in fact, I wasn’t even aware of her existence.

I had gone to West Hollywood to dance at some gay bars with my husband and three of my favorite boyfriends. There was expensive vodka, beautiful, scantily-clad men, drama, and a couple of them fancy, new-fangled D.J.s.

And I realized how much I missed that night and so many others like it. There are many advantages to having children in your twenties, but the drawbacks are also plentiful, and one of them is saying goodbye to (social) life as you know it.

No matter how many times you tell yourself that you will still find time to party, once reality sets in, you’ll probably find yourself sitterless on a Saturday night, plunging your hands into a bubble bath.

A Night OutThe good news is, you’ll be having almost as much fun as you did at those clubs.

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  • ARAwley

    This was great! I am what one might call childless, and every once in a while might frequent a club, but I can tell you that what you have is much more fulfilling. As long as every once in a blue moon you get to feed the craving for some night life, you'll be good. At the age of 25 I would prefer a movie, a couch, my boyfriend, and glass of wine over clubbing any night of the week!

  • Ditto - only I'm 39 and childless and would gladly trade my eventless Saturday nights for giving my baby a bubble bath. Enjoy what you have. You're so young that you'll be going out clubbing with your daughter in no time (if she lets you).

  • Meganhernandez02027

    That's funny, Grace because I totally have gone drinking with MY mom! So, hopefully the pattern will continue.

    And, you are both right about the fulfillment. I am definitely grateful for what I have.

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