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A Vague Follow Up to My Piece on Biber Fever: A Review of The A*Team That Will Most Likely Turn Into Gushing Over Sharlto Copley

Submitted by Katharine Vatter on June 26, 2010 – 3:07 amComments

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No one cares about the other 3

No one cares about the other 3

I can turn any conversation into one about Sharlto Copley.  And it’s even easier when discussing what he’s in, including The A*Team.  Being 20 something, it’s somewhat of a tossup whether we watched The A*Team or not.  But do you know who did watch The A*Team growing up? Sharlto Copley.  Sharlto loved The A*Team as a child.  With strong Google skills that I do not possess, you can find a photo of young Sharlto with a Mr. T birthday cake (which was as controversial as a birthday cake really could be in apartheid era South Africa).  He was even in an A*Team gang that fought a rival A*Team gang (and won).  Sharlto, needless to say, was his gang’s Murdock.

I went into The A*Team excited to see Sharlto, but expecting him to blow it.  I was wrong.  He had been preparing for this role his entire life.  He went from the lovely improvised Wikus in District 9 to nailing 40 different accents and obtaining the comic genius of the original Murdock.   Sharlto fucking blew my mind (and panties a little bit, but that’s between you and me and the internet).  He only has one more film lined up (The A*Team people really took a chance on him post D9), but we should see more jobs for him soon.  If we never see him again, we’ll always remember his bromance with costar Rampage.

(I feel like a twat saying ‘bromance’)

True Love

Also, The A*Team was a really good movie and you should see it.

Also, my Google skills aren’t as bad as I thought.  So here’s a cake with the picture of Sharlto with the original cake in question:

a cake in a cake in a cake in a cake in a cake in a cake in a cake

a cake in a cake in a cake in a cake in a cake in a cake in a cake

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