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Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hide

Submitted by maggie on April 9, 2010 – 10:59 pmComments

I’ve recently been hanging out with a new boy.  Unfortunately, it feels like two new people: one drunk and one sober.  I’m struggling to decide if I’m going to invest time in getting to know him because I don’t know which person I like, which person likes me, or how to resolve this gaping discrepancy.

Meet Dr. Jekyll.  Recently graduated and therefore unemployed, his life consists of a lot of drinking.  He drinks to get drunk and inevitably blacks out. While he is on his way to semi-consciousness he can be fun but he can also be embarrassing.  At 23 I don’t need to see you take your pants off in public and I don’t want to clean the blood off your face after you wrestle your two best friends into the pavement.  Dr. Jekyll, however, is the person aggressive enough to make a move.  Were it not for the good doctor this situation would be non-existent.

In the morning I wake up to Mr. Hide.  This person remains true to his namesake, timid, bashful, and nervous.  Oddly I enjoy Mr. Hide almost more than his dark half.  Mr. Hide can carry on interesting discussions about life, music, sports, and I don’t have to guess if he’ll remember them in an hour.  Mr. Hide won’t sit next to me in public and is awkward in his conversation attempts.  His hesitation is palpable.  I would almost think he wasn’t interested in me, but then he gets a few drinks in him and the transformation begins.

So I am at a loss, do I prefer the mild-mannered yet intelligent man who keeps a ten foot distance or his wilder side who eventually I cannot peel off of me?  Is the inconsistency surmountable or should I give up the monster for greener pastures?

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  • thetarhythm
    oh, quelle surprise! he gets horny and wants to sleep with you.
    don't do it, dude. It sounds like you aren't very sure where you stand with this guy anyway (I know you're "hanging out," but it sounds like you aren't sure if he actually likes you).
    Really? I mean, REALLY? THAT GUY?!? You are clearly a highly intelligent lady, with some amazing writing skills. THAT GUY?!?
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