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Date - Lifting

Submitted by Maya Burkenroad on September 16, 2010 – 5:01 amComments

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You’ve thought about it.  You’ve checked him out.  You watch him as  he checks out his own abs in the mirror to “make sure his form is correct.”  You’ve checked out his abs, ignoring completely whether or not his form is correct.  But you haven’t talked to him… Or have you?

It’s 11 am.  You have an abnormal job schedule like everyone else in Los Angeles, and you hit the elliptical around the same time every day.  So does he.

I refer to this type of guy as  “the gym crush.”  I even ended up going out with one of them, and the moral of the story is, oftentimes the gym crush should remain just that.  Below please find some highlights;

Crush #1 - Asks me out  and we spend our entire lunch date discussing the amount of money he had spent on clothes at Saks.  Or rather he discusses.  I nod and think about how much longer I can sit here without simply getting up and walking out.    Needless to say, we do not talk any longer, nor do we work out at the same gym.  No don’t worry I didn’t kill him or anything.  He moved away.

Crush #2 - Is verrrryy cute.  We chat casually mid workout at least once a week.   He thinks I have a boyfriend ( I do not). I run into him at a bar and we end up  drunkenly making out later that night.  He asks me to come home with him ( I decline), and he ends up leaving for New York the next day.  A few months later I am on my way to New York and decide to drop him a line.  I get this text back “ I think you have the wrong number.”  I decided he was either REALLY not into me, or he got a new number.  Based on our bar experience, hopefully the latter…

Crush/ not actual crush # 3 - a personal trainer at the gym offers me a free session.  I of course take him up on it.  I do not expect him to ask for my number.  He does.  I agree to go out with him once.  NOT interested.  Too “personal- trainer -like” if you know what I mean…

Crush # 4 - former crush now.  Started out very cute, muscular but not too buff, and always doing cirque -de -soleil type moves.  I get back from vacation he now has a mustache, MUCH larger shoulders, MUCH larger muscles and a very angry stare on his face at all times.  Some might say steriods.  Some might say to much working out.  Either way, moving on from what could be a juiced up disaster.

Sigh.  I guess we are back to the drawing board.  I have been craving those vanilla lattes anyhow.

Maybe my next gym will house my next crush.  For now I think I will stick with just working on my fitness.

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