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Beauty Before Age

Submitted by Lola Schwartz on July 1, 2009 – 11:39 pmComments

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Whatever my issues  are this week, and yes readers I am aware that I have different issues every week .. this week’s are especially humorous I think. If you can’t laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at?

I feel fat - I feel bloated, absolutely unsexy in every sense of the word, and no it’s not that time of the month. I think it’s my age. My age has been playing tricks on me and I am not enjoying it very much.

I find that I am turning gray ( just in sections) which is a sign of dignity, sophistication & durability. But is it really?

My hips are curvier than ever & I haven’t even had a child yet. Growth spurt, or potato chips, what do you think?

I am more tired at the end of my day then ever before. That excitement of happy hour arriving some how has left the building. I love the idea of having a cocktail or a glass a wine but sitting on my couch seems much more enjoyable than meeting my friends at the bar.

Although I paint my nails an alluring color weekly - I’m embarrassed to admit the sexy lingerie has taken a back seat to cotton which is more comfortable after all isn’t it? I doubt my boyfriend feels the same way about cotton; he’s still partial to lace. But then again what man isn’t?

My boobs have shrunk & although I wish my “tush” had gotten bigger … alas it has not.  I will never get plastic surgery, ever, so getting back to the gym is important.

Somewhere between here and there sexy became boring & the diva inside of me decided to take a nap.

So here is my mantra for the week:


Put down the TV remote, get on the treadmill, go shopping at Victoria Secrets and maybe even get your hair done. Embrace your body & be thankful for good health.

Maybe I need a new pair of shoes? 4 inch red patent leather ones that scream HOTTIE IN THE HOUSE!

That might just do the trick!  Beauty before age wouldn’t you say?

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  • lara
    unfortunately, beauty does tend to come before age--I am having hte same thickening problem. Suddenly my metabolism woke up and ralized that I've been aging. I resent it.
  • claire
    In general, anything that screams hottie in the house is a good thing!
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