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Allow Me To Plead My Case

Submitted by maggie on June 18, 2010 – 11:06 pmComments

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diariWhen I was young (compared to my ripe old age of 22) I wanted to be so many different things when I grew up that I had trouble picking that one job that would fulfill my needs.  Luckily, I did know the one thing  I would never be: a lawyer.  This might seem like an oddly specific distaste for a child so young — I’m sure you’re imagining all kinds of traumatic court scenes that could influence my malleable youth brain so negatively against the legal system.  Uninteresting enough, it was merely because that’s what both of my parents did and I considered it boring and cliche.

During college I dropped my math major in favor of a more liberal approach. I dreamed of fine arts but was told by my mother that “a B.A. in literature might serve any future academic endeavors I should have” (I think she specifically said law school but I don’t dare to misquote the woman). I persisted in ignoring the suggestion and lived my final two years in worlds like The Iliad and The Republic, really embracing my love for reading and writing.

Unfortunately, being a graduated adult who is bored of not being challenged, I am coming to recognize that I might really enjoy the art of lawyering.  Reading, analyzing, and writing make up a lot of said profession, accompanied by performing persuasion and my one true love: arguing.  I have since taken my LSATs and am taking the timid step of asking friends in law school what they think of it.  My creative side is still resisting, telling me to live a bohemian life while I can. I have yet to frighten myself by looking at any schools, but I am slowly opening my mind to the idea that the profession I spent my whole life loathing may be something I can fully embrace and succeed in…. which absolutely terrifies me.

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