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A Letter for My Sisters

Submitted by Lola Schwartz on June 30, 2009 – 11:34 pmComments

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sistersFor my sisters Sara and Danielle,

  1. Girls can call guys. This isn’t the 1950’s there is nothing wrong for a woman to know that she wants to talk to a man. Be bold make the call, it’s ok. They secretly like it when you take charge.
  2. Leave something to the imagination. Wearing matching undergarments is something you should do for yourself not only for the boy your dating. But if your going to do it for the boy your dating may I recommend that you start with something simple & sexy- don’t go straight for the leather, maybe a little black lace at first.
  3. If he kisses you kiss him back. Go for it!
  4. If he kisses you and you don’t like it, don’t kiss him again. Don’t go out on date number two either. Look the truth is Betty Everett said it best – “It’s in his kiss that’s where it is.” Words to live by, if he kisses you and it’s simply “not there” that spark, its not going to be there. Move on.
  5. To leave or not leave something behind that is the question. At one point or another I must admit I have left an earring in someone’s couch, maybe even a bra under the bed. This is a game ladies. The idea is that they see it, they call and we come back to continue what we started before we left… Word to the wise if someone else’s stuff has tried to be returned to you as yours RUN.
  6. Do not talk about your ex’s, his ex’s NOTHING EX’s. This discussion will never lead to anything good, if anything it could very well be your first fight. I’m not saying don’t talk about your prior life before him, you can share stories and be communicative BUT don’t ask, where they met, what did she look like, and how many times did they do it on his couch, ok?
  7. If alone in his space, apartment, house- DO NOT SNOOP. Plan & simple. Very similar to #6, nothing good can come of this. Be observant to the things around you and you will learn quite a lot about your man. Now … if you want to show your appreciation to your man by cleaning up his place, well that maybe received really well & then what you “come across” is fair game. Got it? Don’t be sneaky but be honest.
  8. Chivalry isn’t dead, but ladies you should also lend a hand & open doors for your gentleman, Say please and thank you. To be acknowledged in a positive way is what we all want. Do nice things for your man and he will do nice things for you… and yes that includes flowers. If you contunieoasuy do sweet & good deeds and he doesn’t catch on. Ask him about it. If he then doesn’t reciprocate, get rid of him.
  9. Keep it simple girls. Less is more and people in general all tend to perform better when there is no pressure. Think about it, we don’t like pressure, pressure to do things we don’t want to do, go places we don’t want to go to. Sometimes you must step back and look at things in not such a complex way. Take that extra breath and be patient with these boys. It’s a learning curve you know.
  10. Respect yourselves and do what you feel but be smart about it - if you like him call him, if you want to make out and get frisky do it. But if your gonna get naked, use protection.
  11. The most important one of all – Be true to yourself and your heart and always remember to call your sister for advice. She is always there to listen!
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  • Emma
    What a great idea...a letter to those women out there who you know look up to you...I'm gonna do something like that!
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