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A$$ in Chair

Submitted by Kelsea Brennan on June 26, 2010 – 1:59 amComments

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For a while I was struggling with a belief.  The belief being that if I didn’t want to do what I love 100% of the time, then I must not reallwoman-in-chairy love it.  For example writing.  I do enjoy writing.  However sometimes, I just don’t want to, or if I must to meet a deadline, it can be as tortuous a brazilian with cheap wax.  Seriously.  This can become quite an issue for someone who sees writing as a big part of her career.

However, then on a conference call with NY Times best selling author Geneen Roth, my belief was appeased.  Geneen spoke about how it took her two years after selling her book proposal for Women, Food and God to actually write it.  I was shocked.  A # 1 selling author not wanting to do what she loved?

The gym is one place for sure. You know we ALWAYS feel better after a work out, but as the months get hotter and drinks cooler, skimping on the treadmill can quickly become a bad habit.  Or pursuing your dream, whatever your dream may be from starting a blog, joining online dating or doing a complete 180 in your career.  Its not that we don’t have the skills to do what it is we want, and its definitely not that we don’t love what we do.  Alas we are human beings, not machines.  So the next time you find yourself resisting that which you love or shying away from that which you desire,  remember to just get your “Ass in Chair.”

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