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100 Reflections

Submitted by Lara on June 9, 2009 – 9:13 amComments

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No, I’m not going to list 100 things for you all, though we are almost deep and “intellectual” (as one Bollywood star told our Claire) enough to do so.
Some of you may not have noticed, but we have passed the day 100 landmark. Claire and I both find this exciting, though really it is just a round number and not actually any kind of major breakthrough.
We would have posted on Day 100, but it was monsooning, and flooding, and we decided to go to the zoo instead.
But in honor of this (not so) amazing day, we have a few reflections to share with y’all that we came up with while pontificating on “like life and stuff” yesterday.
1. Claire uses different voices for people in different countries, but they all involve the over-use of consonants that make her sound like she’s trying to be British.
2. Traveling is weird. Life is weirder. Marriage is pretty much weirdest of all.
3. Medical students write admissions essays that are always too long and then they want us to fix it for them. IT is strange that they are the lazy ones.
4. Spanish and Hindi are not actually very similar at all. But the Hindi word for “key” sounds like Italian.
5. Zoos can be depressing, but they can also be a weird places for governments to put lots of money.
6. Monsoons are bizarre and slightly intimidating. Monsoon thunder sounds a lot like semi-broken Go Air! (A real airline) jet taking off
7. Birds can be very creepy
8. Dating is awkward
9. Bollywood is very very funny and Bollywood stars dance the same way in clubs as they do in movies. This is true.
10. Every club and every bar in every country in the world has an Australian bartender. Probably from Melbourne.
11. Blood stuffed mosquitoes explode far more satisfyingly than you might suspect.
So that’s it, folks. 100 Days of travel and look what we’ve learned!
For our own celebration, we clapped weakly in the backseat of a cab that had monsoon water coming in through holes in the bottom. The cab driver with the sad but also scary TB cough looked suspicious.
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