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You Had Me At Patisserie

Submitted by Ina K. Chung on July 8, 2010 – 9:00 amComments
Photo courtesy sharkproofdesigns.com

Photo courtesy sharkproofdesigns.com

It’s official. The lease has been signed and the checks have been sent. My husband and I are making the big move to New York City next month, and now I can’t stop daydreaming about walking out the door and being steps away from a world-class patisserie and a soul food truck!

If you listen to how excited I am about the move, you would never guess that I’m a huge New York hater! I roll my eyes when someone says that New York City is the best in the world, or when someone complains about how the bars in Boston aren’t open until 5am.

And I’m a homebody anyway, so what does New York City have for me? People endure the constant hustle and bustle (oh, and the smell) for the incredible nightlife, magnificent restaurants and beautiful museums. But for people who don’t really enjoy and/or can’t afford all those things, all we’re left with is the hustle, the bustle and — oh yeah — the smell.

So when my husband first told me he got his dream job, my heart did a little heel-click, and then sank. Sank deep. Deep in my chest. Woe is me! Oh, New York City. The last place on earth I want to live.

But now that it’s real, now that we’ve seen our amazing apartment with its first-class gym and roof deck, and I’ve smelled the chocolate boutique shop and glimpsed the Japanese lunch spot just around the corner from our apartment, I can’t help but rub my hands together in anticipation every time it crosses my mind.

(And even though it’s been said a million times before) New York City, here we come.

I take back all those mean things I’ve said about you.

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  • Michaelscort
    It has been said " Life is made up of it's journey's !"
  • ha i'm somewhat of a nyc hater too but it's good to hear that you're looking forward to the your new home! i'm not looking forward to not being able to see you around though! :-(
  • Ina
    Thanks, Grace!! NY haters unite! :) But I'm definitely glad that the excitement is building. It makes leaving Cambridge a little, teeny weeny bit easier. :*(
  • liv
    roof decks and dining options definitely make everything better
  • Ina
    I'm craazy excited about that roof deck! And I can't stop Yelp-searching different restaurants in our area. If only we had a Trader Joe's near us...that would really seal the deal on my excitement!
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