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Who Is Lacking Balance In Their Life?! Umm…That Would Be Me

Submitted by Shana on July 26, 2010 – 3:15 amComments

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Nature's own balancing act.  Photo Courtesy of UW Digital Collections via Flickr.

Nature's own balancing act. Photo Courtesy of UW Digital Collections via Flickr.

I’m going to be honest and say that the month of July has just plain sucked.  I’ve had a lot of personal upheaval in my life and I feel bruised and battered.  Why do I feel like I’m lacking balance in my life?  Perhaps I handled a situation badly or made unwise choices?

I guess it all started with the 4th of July weekend that I’d prefer not to dwell on for too long.  Honestly, it’s really high up there on the list of “Worst Moments of My Life.”  The good thing is that I learned who my true friends are and that they’ll be there when I need them.  The bad thing is that someone I trusted implicitly used what she knew about me for her own personal gain and it really threw me off-balance.  I’m just happy that I managed to come out of the whole experience with my self-respect intact, so I think I made the right choices when it came to that crazy situation.

Then came the weekend when I went home to visit a friend who needed me for moral support.  While I was at karaoke, my dog decided to play with the family cat.  Not good.  My dog doesn’t understand that cats are not on the approved “Pit Bull Playmate List.”  Luckily, Simba is okay (although he may be bald by now because of the trauma).    I love both my cat and my dog and it was really hard having to deal with the aftermath of that barely-averted catastrophe- especially when you know that everyone wants your dog’s head on a platter.  I handled the situation as best as I could and I think I made the right decisions when it came to making sure that all the animals and people were taken care of in the best way possible.  I have to admit that my family’s response to the whole incident definitely has added to my whole un-centered feeling because they made me really feel like a villain.

There were a couple of other nasty situations that happened this month, but when I look back at my choices, I have to say that I’m proud because I stood up for myself.  I now realize that I’m often taken for granted and I’ve decided it’s time I stopped doing everything for people who don’t think as highly of me as I think of them.   Maybe now I can start to feel centered again because I’ve figured out that my lack of balance actually comes from the way the people around me are treating me and not from within me.  It can be fixed!  Who wants to do a happy dance with me?!

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