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What To Do With A Whole Summer?

Submitted by Emily Snedecor on May 25, 2010 – 10:28 pmComments

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Emily Snedecor at Reasonably So

So, I’m a teacher. The job has its ups and downs, like any other, but one of the major perks is summer vacation. I am in the unbelievably fortunate position to continue getting paid just for doing whatever I want every day for nearly 3 months (I know this makes some of you scornful, but please don’t let that taint our friendship). However, I know I will very likely get extremely and unbelievably bored if I spend the summer idle.

And here’s where I show my Choister-stripes: What to do? Do I try to get a job to earn some extra dough? If yes, full time or part time? In my field or another? Do I take advantage of this time to find an internship? If yes, in what field? Should I try volunteering for awhile? For what? Should I create a daily super-intense workout plan? How about a project at home, like building a table or cooking my way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking (oh, wait…)? Ideally I’d like to travel the whole summer, but I can’t really afford it.

So far, I’ve applied for a couple internships in totally different fields. I’d tell you about them, but I’m afraid to jinx myself. Both organizations, however, offer volunteer programs as well, so worst case scenario, I’ll just help out informally. I have semi-sabotaged myself in the seasonal job market because I haven’t applied to anything yet. Part of the problem is that I get home at night and just want to relax and sleep, not think about more work!

Here I am, with freedom teetering on the horizon, asking you: What would you do? If you could do anything you wanted (within reason!) for the summer, what would it be? I’m going to need to find something to keep me entertained. Help?

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  • I hope that by now you've done something or gotten some sort of offer. Remember, couchsurfing is a really cheap way to spend the night somewhere other than home. :) You could pick up extra money by tutoring if you'd like to be spending your free time teaching. The intense workout plan sounds like fun, too, if you have a fitness goal in mind.
  • Curry Lynne
    wait...they continue to pay you for the summer! nope, still couldn't be a teacher, props to you. well if I were in your position I would follow my passion. mine is nature. paid or not you created a life for yourself where you get 3 months to improve or begin what you really love. do that. p.s. if you do get a job no retail! they will ruin your schedule and summer!
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