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What to do…what to do…

Submitted by L.A. Urko on August 1, 2010 – 11:36 pmComments

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I am still job searching and do not feel any better about it then when I started. I have written so many cover letters and edited my resume numerous times but there does not seem to be a company out there that wants me. No one even wants to interview me. I have e-mailed, snail mailed, hand delivered, been to temp agencies, and joined a website in hopes of finding a job.

My newest endeavor in the employment search was a job fair. I had been to a college fair before but never anything like this. It was for sports and entertainment so there were sports teams, leagues, and businesses attending the fair. I waited in LONG lines to have the representatives ask me, “Have you gone to our website?” SERIOUSLY? I paid money, dressed nicely, and came all the way here, to have you tell me I should look online!? What do you think I do with all of my time!?!?

Maybe  I should have said that to the people there because it was not just one long line that I waited in that would suggest that. The problem, besides the economy, is that there are just way too many ways to communicate with people. I can send an e-mail, letter, and fax. Some company’s hire within so I have no chance there as well.

As I continue the seemingly endless and tragic job search that I am on, I wonder if I have decided on the right means of communication to get my resume read by the right person to get me a job. Do I need to hire a recruiter? Or can I actually do this myself?! Right now, I just want a response…even a denial of a job would be nice.

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