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Vote for Me, Not Pedro

Submitted by Charles M. Hedji on June 25, 2010 – 2:35 pmComments


I find American politics to be beyond entertaining.  It seems people are getting involved at a younger age, and one would assume that would lead to some brilliant ideas being put on the table, but that is not really the case.  The number of opinion channels out there –news channels no longer exist –is enormous compared to those that can actually feed our minds –art, music, philosophy.

            But there is a rather fascinating event going on in the political landscape of America.  Now you may be thinking it has something to do with some do or die environmental bill or some hot new idea on the immigration issue, but that is far from it –those subjects just aren’t entertainment.  What is going on, takes place in our houses –no, not the kitchen table discussions about what the “Tea Party” really stands for.  Okay, I’ll tell you, it’s in the campaign ads.  You might be a little disappointed, but you shouldn’t be.  We should all pay very close attention to all these campaign ads.  One thing you will notice in these ads is that very few of them present us with a politician who has a clear idea of how to change things, or how to make the American people’s lives better, or anybody on this earth’s life better.  The ads are always about some schmuck –with a gun, depending on where you live –telling you how horrible his opponent is.  What all these people fail to do is tell their audience what they bring to the table.  Perhaps a few decades ago we can all assume that the audience will just take the message on face value, but I like to think that today’s audience is much smarter.  I, for instance, pay very little attention to the guy who is bashing his opponent.  What those ads do for me, is raise my interest in the opponent.  Suddenly I want to know about this no good politician the other guy talks about so much.  I want to know what he’s all about and what he thinks he can do for my city, or state.

            I’m sure the PR agencies that handle these politicians all advise them to attack, attack, and attack, and perhaps I’m naïve, but it would be nice to see a politician once in a while who actually has some new ideas.  It would be nice to see someone who has read a book other than a law book or a business manual, someone with a fresh mind who could be leading a Think Tank or some sort of organization.  But to be honest, I enjoy the entertainment, and the idiocy of it all.  Everyone hates Washington but they all want you to rush on election to vote for them so they can go there and buy nice townhouses in Georgetown.  What a world.

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