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Submitted by Phoebe Licata on July 5, 2010 – 8:57 pmComments

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Middle School is some of the hardest years of a girl’s life. Not only does your body starts to stretch, grow and smell unfamiliar, your mind starts acting different as well. Clinging to high school hopes and college dreams, one learns how to use the future as a tool for distraction.

That trend of looking to tomorrow in order to get through today is something that is becoming so common. So many women I know are constantly getting from work day to work day by imagining how good she’s going to look in that new dress she buys with her paycheck at the end of the week.

Stop and smell the roses is a phrase used so commonly it has lost all of its meanings and said by people who are annoying. Like that cliché, things in your life that are important have faded into the background and lost its appreciation. When your laying in bed and get ‘first day of school’ dread comes to you, take a deep breath. Between the second and third snooze on your alarm think of something that can make today something more than another day on the calender.

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