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To Stay Or To Go?

Submitted by AnthonyS on March 10, 2010 – 6:14 amComments

You’re thinking about visiting somebody.  Somebody who may be more than a friend.  And you’re not quite sure whether or not you should take the time and money to do so.  It’s nerve wracking.  What to do?

I recently found myself in the same situation.  For months I had planned on visiting a “semi-special” someone who lived in Atlanta.  For me, that was a 10 hour drive away, but the drive would be far cheaper and far more interesting than a flight.  In spite of my brain’s frantic urges, I chose to go, and it was well worth the trip.

These days we have more mobility than any human ever could have imagined.  Take advantage of it!  You could be like me and scrounge up the money through illicit drug sales and prostitution (I’m not proud, just effective), or you could work the old fashioned way to make money to travel.  But just go for it.  Maybe you happen to be (like me) in a sad situation where in spite of all the people around you, the only one in whom you’re interested lies in exotic territory.

I escaped the blizzards of the Washington, DC area and made my way south to Atlanta, where I discovered a weekend of 68 and sunny weather that made the trip worth it just for that.  You may not have the same results.  I had a great time learning more about my friend and Atlanta, and while you may realize that the person you go visit is an asshole, go visit anyway.  You’ll know more when you return than when you left, and you may get a soulmate out of the deal.  Ok, you won’t get a soulmate.  You may get nice weather.  But only if you go south.

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  • amaliamcg
    it feels like everything in life is a calculation. this amount of money + this amount of hookup potential + what else is happening that day + weather forecast....

    maybe i just need to get better at math...
  • livogel
    i have found that in the case of not ending up with the soulmate, south and sun is hte only way to go....says the girl currently en route home from sub saharan africa...
  • emilyhho
    Oh man! I just telling someone the same exact story about me: I wanted to go up to see my "semi-special" someone, a 3.5 hr ride away, everyone I knew & their brother was weighing in on it, I decided against it, and THEN I find out Ingrid Michaelson & Mat Kearney are on tour, not coming to NY, but to his city (which is really more of a overgrown town)! Someone up there is messing with me.
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