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Think Like a Tiger

Submitted by AnthonyS on March 16, 2010 – 10:15 pmComments

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I realize that writing about a golfer may not appeal to the target demographic of this site.  I also realize that virtually everyone has commented on Tiger Woods in the past few months.  Finally, I realize that when anyone writes about him, they use some sort of lame pun based on his name.

But since he announced today he would be playing in the Masters, I’m going to write about Tiger Woods.  Mostly because I think his problems epitomize in many ways the issues this site addresses.  I mean, talk about choices!  Tiger is one of few people who can essentially walk up to a random person, introduce himself, then say, “Would you like to sleep with me” and almost always receive an unequivocal “Yes!” in response.  Well, maybe not so much anymore.  He became so bogged down with the opportunities his life afforded him, he eventually decided to try to be everything: a professional golfer, a family man, a business icon, and oh yeah, a world class sower of wild oats.

Tiger thought he could have it all and never get caught, that the burden of his choices wouldn’t come back to haunt him.  So what?  He’s a celebrity who lives in a world that only vaguely resembles the world in which the rest of us live, right?

What many women don’t realize, however, is that while most guys aren’t Tiger, a lot of them think like him.  Now I don’t want to be a fearmonger (read: I want to be a fearmonger), but guys can tend to treat relationships like Tiger treats a long putt.  What are the angles? What are the risks if I miss? How far ahead or behind am I? Everyone has a little Tiger in him; we want to have it all and never think we might get bitten in the ass.

So the next time your significant other says he’s going to be gone for the weekend playing a round of golf, you might feel a little suspicious.  Just feel free to bash in the back windows of his car with a 9-iron if you discover anything fishy.

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