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The Old New Years Resolution

Submitted by Sara McClory on January 10, 2011 – 8:29 pmComments

Every year there’s this thing called New Years, you may have heard of it J. With it, other than branching into a new year, comes the responsibility of having a New Year’s Resolution. It’s a tradition and one that no matter what culture, it exists. There’s always the obvious one’s like quite smoking, get a better job and the oh-so infamous LOOSE WEIGHT promise. But a new year is all about throwing out the old for the new, and maybe the resolutions as well. Now I’m not saying to abolish this tradition but change it up a bit. Instead of the boring loosing weight (which ends up causing a Oreo cookie pack binge), I’ve decided to take up Karate, water aerobics for the spring and beginner’s yoga. Now I’ve kicked the cookie addiction (I have been eating those butter cookies but there not as bad as what I’d normally eat, trust me!) and are eating well, with the attempt of staying away from the scale. So my New Years Resolution this year? Do things I wouldn’t normally do like taking flying lessons (cheaper than I thought), go sky diving, hiking, start my own recipe book and write, WRITE, AND WRITE! Getting to know more people whether in person or pen pals (yup, I miss that kind of thing!). All my ideas made me wonder what other’s were so I posted the question on my facebook and sent out emails and picked a few to share.

Aaron Constain: To compose Music for an Entire Film!


Jennifer Tarr: I’m going to make David Allan George remember my name and also write a grant proposal to teach inner-city kids Shakespeare.

Ally Marie: (Top few): Have desert on Top of the Hub, Do more charity work, Find a Swing Dancing partner, and Go rock climbing.

Brittany Severance: my resolutions are to keep educating myself now that I am out of college and to find a job that is compatible with my legally blindness.

Whether big or small, the new year is here to stay and there’s not one person not wanting to take advantage of it.

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