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The Cost of Health Insurance

Submitted by Katie on March 4, 2011 – 8:20 pmComments

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Healh insurance- takacsi75I recently saw a video of a twenty-something comedian singing about being a health insurance hoe. While the song was rather exaggerated (not to mention R-rated) about a girl going after men for their health insurance, I found it hilarious because the underlying idea was so relatable. While my solution is not to go after men with health insurance, I do understand the feeling of being desperate for it.

For anyone focused on creative endeavors (comedians, writers, musicians, artists) being able to afford health insurance is a real concern.  You may not be interested in working for the man… but the man has the Blue Cross Blue Shield hookup.

So I can’t help but wonder how many people may be limiting their potential because they need health insurance. One of the main reasons I took the job I have now is that the idea of employer-sponsored health insurance was too good to pass up. I’m certainly not complaining about being gainfully employed and don’t believe my 9-5 is the reason I haven’t written the next great American novel, but would I choose administrative assistant over more creative endeavors if the prior didn’t come with full benefits?

I could live without the steady salary or a 401K, but I’m just not sure I can give up my $15 copay for nasal spray. More importantly, even though I am young and healthy, I need to be insured against the day I may become unhealthy. Staying healthy also means being able to afford seeing a doctor and getting my teeth cleaned.

So if the choice is sell out or get married, what is health insurance really costing?

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  • Steve Selinsky

    In regards to closing dilemma, maybe you should just do both. I mean, that would really help ME out. . .

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