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The Choice to Change

Submitted by Danielle Cort on September 26, 2010 – 4:24 pmComments

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The complexity of change, and what change means, frightens people. It’s a transition that takes people from their zone of comfort down a corridor unknown. Painful, exciting, overwhelming, change occurs in all forms, at often sporadic moments, and alters our every day. It can bring us down, lift us up, and even complicate all (we thought) we had the answers to.

Back in August, I was thrown, by choice, into a new condo, new job and new city. The people around me have changed. I don’t yet see familiar faces at the grocery store. I’ve had to switch doctors, pharmacies, my car insurance – all the little details of my life. But I couldn’t be happier.

I once had a job where all we did was discuss change in the workplace; how to spot it, how to navigate it, how to embrace it. I saw seasoned professionals in specialty fields afraid of what change meant – for them personally and of course, for their careers. Survival became paramount and it always seemed like the adjustment to change was an afterthought. And occasionally, that cost people their jobs. The slightest of movements, whether at work or at home, often triggers resistance in many – the less-than-concrete plans, the “not knowing” and unanswered questions – all reflections of challenges to change.

I’ve spent 25 years figuring myself out, trying to outline every move, dot every “i,” cross every “t.” And just when I think I have it all figured out, life throws something my way to distract me, surprise me, shake me from stable ground. Changes, large or small, those easy to cope with or not, keep things fresh, lively. I can’t picture being in a stagnant world. It’s refreshing to wake up in the morning and not know how the day may unfold.

Change, to me, is inevitable. And if we aren’t willing to follow its trail, we’ll most likely be left behind.

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