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The Anti-Choister

Submitted by AnthonyS on April 21, 2010 – 4:27 amComments

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Photo courtesy cyrillika via flickr

Photo courtesy cyrillika via flickr

Although matter dominates the universe, a small percentage of known space is composed of antimatter.  If matter and antimatter particles were to meet, each would be destroyed, leaving nothing but unharnessed energy in their wake.

I’m not a physicist, but I think the same theory applies to choisters: maybe our society has bred a generation of choisters, but because of this there flows an undercurrent of anti-choisters whose properties are influenced by but are opposite of those of the choister.

There’s nothing like using pseudo-science to try to explain a half-baked concept!  I was thinking about the choister concept while I was visiting (all male) friends in New York.  Not only do virtually none of them have significant others, but they don’t even really interact with women or attempt to meet women (I’m the exception to this…wait, no I’m not).  Granted, many of my friends have serial killer tendencies and should under no circumstances be allowed near other human beings, but some of them could be considered genuinely nice guys.  Yet the interest in relationships has died away, leaving a one track mind that in most cases either focuses solely on a career or on waiting around for ‘the one.’

Maybe this theory doesn’t extend beyond people I know—which means I hang out with degenerates—but I think there is a small and growing group of anti-choisters who feel threatened by the choisters.  The anti-choisters know that there are people out there who love choices but hate choosing, making them feel like the proverbial king sitting under the proverbial sword.  If he becomes seriously involved with somebody, he feels trapped in a game of waiting for the other shoe to drop.  His only choice, therefore: to eliminate this possibility.

What would happen if a choister and an anti-choister met and fell in love, each finding the other to be a perfect match?  A huge gamma ray explosion, I think.

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