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Saving Green, Getting Lean, Being Grocery Mean

Submitted by Sara McClory on February 21, 2011 – 9:25 pmComments

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Grocery cartFood costs are on the rise and it seems no one is getting paid more. The worse part about it is, the healthy food that gives you the energy to tread through the week, is too expensive to afford and you end up getting cheap food that is high in calories and cholesterol. Trying to save money and loose weight is a battle that seems to be impossible, but there are some things you can do to cut the fat and bulk up the wallet.

#1: Have a plan and keep a Food Diary:

Yes the infamous food diary that we all just plain hate, but with this diary track how much food intake and food that’s being wasted so you can figure how to save money and see how much your actually eating.

#2: Coupons:

It’s what your grandmother does but believe that she is saving some serous money at the end of the month. Get your scissors ready and take the coupons by storm!

#3: Fresh foods unpacked:

Sometimes bulk can save you money, but if your buying for just yourself, your saving a little bit of money and gaining a bunch of pounds. Plus, you’re wasting the food if you don’t eat due to weight guilt. If your just gathering up a small amount, its ok to go back to the supermarket a week later to get more, trust me it will still be there and fresh.

#4: Frozen Diet Meal:

Yes Weight Watchers is still healthy and still pretty affordable at the supermarket. From $2 to 2 for $5, there’s variety and portion control. It’s a must!

#5: Pita & Wraps over Bread:

Having a sammy? (sandwich). Well kick the bread and get some wraps instead. It’s healthier and are reasonably priced. Also when you freeze wraps, they taste better thawed then bread.

#6: Drinks, drinks, drinks.

No need for juice, soda or alcohol, just drink water with lemons and limes. Invest in plastic sports drink and drink tap water with ice…it’s free. Wanting to add some flavor? Lemons are 99cents for a pack and limes are just as cheap.

Its possible to save green, loose weight and break the prices at the grocery store with just a little bit of a plan.

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