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Other People’s Happiness (A Review)

Submitted by Jordan-Alicia Machado on September 27, 2010 – 4:13 amComments

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I’d never solely base my happiness upon another person’s, but it’s a somewhat curious habit of mine to at least imagine a walk in another’s shoes. Let’s be honest:  most of us are guilty of the same thing in some form at some point in our lives.  In love, we want the stability and romance enjoyed by our coupled friend while we envy the career or financial security of another.  No matter what our walk of life, we’re all ill of it – the grass always seems greener on the other side (or at least we’re caught up wondering if it is).

In between work, more work, and the smidgen of down-time I’m allotted weekly, I devour unhealthy amounts of literary material of varying sorts.  This month’s edition of Psychologies offers an insightful profiling of Ariel Leve, an esteemed writer who has built her career upon her fundamentally pessimistic outlook on life.

While I do not wish to restate the article here in its entirety, I was struck by one point discussed toward its conclusion.  ”Bad habits have been learned and can be adjusted, but lasting contentment is a process, and figuring out what makes me happy is an ongoing journey.”

I’ve been suffering from major exhaustion, along with other health calamities that have unjustly prevented me from writing as much as I want to.  Hopefully some much needed quality time with 3 of my favorite women in L.A. will realign that.

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