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Mommy’s know best

Submitted by Lola Schwartz on July 28, 2009 – 5:34 pmComments

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After over a week of being sick with THE FLU, I am glad to report I think I am finally feeling better. It took exactly 8 days to heal. Funny thing about getting the flu its comes out of no where. Sneaks up on you & then WHAM!! Sickness implodes.

Within hours of my syptoms my mother says ” Drink lots of fuids, rest, take your vitamins, eat some chicken soup, eat some fruit. Get yourself some tissues, make sure your washing your hands… Do you have the swine flu?” NOW up until she said that I was much appreciative of al her recommendations. However the “swine flu” comment puts me in panic mode. So by Day 3 of still feeling ill, off to the doctor I went.

I must preface the next few thoughts with this ~ Doctors + NO bedside manner= aggravated sick person.

I arrive at the doctors, to wait roughly ten minutes ( thankfully ). The nurse then calls my name and the debauchery begins.
I found it amusing that with my nose running and red, with the sound of my voice being completely gone, the nurse asks me why I am there today. I know its a question that must be asked but I must say, I find i very humorous.

Moving on , she weighs me, takes my temperature and I tell her my symptoms. When I tell her what medicines I am taking she tells me to make sure I tell the doctor, she gives a piece of paper with my history printed on and reminds me to write down all the prescriptions I am on.

Now I’m in a room, waiting for the doctor.
Knock Knock- 10 minutes pass and voila’ there’s the Doctor.
The Doctor shakes my hand, asks my the same questions the nurse did, she then looks down my throat and is finished. Meeting takes all of 4 minutes. She asks me if I have asthma , walks out of the room, comes back with a prescription for a inhaler.
An like that she’s gone. And like that I’m healed.


Now here’s where my inner monologue takes over … What happen to doctors chatting with you , maybe even bothering to look at your chart, maybe even look at you for more than a minute? I felt like there was a stop watch, that someone somewhere was timing her, a hidden camera perhaps somewhere. Its was odd.

So now I am in the CVS, waiting for my inhaler. My mother calls me to find out ” What did the doctor say?” SO I tell her. My mother is now livid with the fact that the doctor was quick in her diagnosis, which was what again? I can’t remember, I don’t even think she gave me one. And all the while there I am just wishing I was in bed, where i belonged , sleeping soundly- using my Puffs waiting to feel better.
So off I went , back to bed, where I drank plenty of fluid, ate fruit, sipped on tea, ate some fruit, rested and of course indulged in matzoh ball soup. And
days later, and I mean days later I finally feel human.

Lesson to be learned here- there is really only 1:
1.Mommy’s always know best.

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  • Lola's Mom
    See - Mommies do know best - and their bedside manner is much more helpful than just about anyone else in the world. So, the next time you're not feeling well Lola, call your Mommie and save the co-pay for those doctors! (unless you really think it could be the swine flu) Love
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