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Maker Faire Away!

Submitted by Candice Horn on September 26, 2010 – 3:47 pmComments

Here’s a plug:

If you haven’t thought about it already, you should go to the Maker Faire.

I know it’s ridiculous to pay money to enter a faire ($25 for adults, $15 for students) —but if you haven’t been to any of Bust’s past fairs (such as their past Craftacular)—you might find something worthwhile. Also free goodies!

It’s open today until 6 p.m., and it’s at the New York Hall of Science in Queens.

The reason I attend fairs is to scope out new stores —and find them later on etsy. I’d like to say I’ve been pretty effective at finding some cute things-amongst all the over priced crochet dolls. It’s a showcase of artistry from all over the states.

Some original things:

  • Metal Sculptures. www.bulatov.org - it’s really intricately designed metal work (composed of fancy stars and swirly goodness) by Vladimir Bulatov from Oregon.
  • Black & Bluebird Studios. www.blackandbluebird.com. Cute, original necklaces made by Gretchen Kaylor Grimm from Texas.
  • Vera Meat - fine necklaces such that have charms such as a deer’s head, a hatchet loving centaur pirate. www.verameat.com
  • If you do want some cute crochet - check out mochi mochi by Anna Hrachovec!
  • Mean cards- there’s something about mean cards.
  • Hearts Challenger - they may sell all sorts of cute ice cream pops (with really unique flavors such as pineapple and mochi) but it comes with free pops! I love their idea of a ‘revolution’ and their pimped out truck.
  • Dirty Ass Soaps - I even purchased a ten dollar soap from this place as a present for a friend—because the soap was shaped like a super nintendo console and it smelled like mountain dew. Their soaps are brilliantly designed. http://www.etsy.com/shop/dirtyasssoaps

Besides the purchasing store fronts, they even have other activities that incorporate a scientific edge (Check out the Maker’s Shed for electronics) and also the eccentric. (The life size Mouse Trap!) Here’s some photos:


Pretty bike that utilizes/creates music through ipods

Chariot Races

I hope these are more than enough to check out the fair! Or at least check out the websites of the craft merchants! There’s also the Atlantic Antic happening today too!

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