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Make Your Bed

Submitted by Tara Redfield on October 10, 2010 – 4:45 amComments

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There is a strong belief in the fact that if you make your bed everyday your life will be better.  Who believes this?  I do.

There are numerous reasons why making your bed will improve your life.  One reason being that your bed represents a place of peace.  How can your mind be at peace when your bed isn’t?  It’s that simple.  When you leave the house every morning with your bed looking like World War III Sheets vs. Pillows, your mind is just as messy.  Wether you want to acknowledge it or not, the fact that you know when you get home you will be returning to a warzone of bedding affects you.  It is not comforting to come home to a messy bed, therefore your own being is not comforted and your feelings are not at peace!  A clear head is a happy head…and a happy person!

Also, how you treat your bed is ultimately how you treat yourself.  Those of us that make our beds every day are starting the day with a clear, organized mind. We have confidence and self respect.  Would you show up to an important meeting with your shirt half unbuttoned and your lipstick smeared? No, because you know that’s not the best impression of yourself.  Your bed needs to be treated the same way.  Think of your bed as an extension of yourself.  It is a place that you respect, others will notice your confidence and respect you too.

Coming home to a clean, made bed is the best gift you can give yourself.  Especially after a long day.  How do you feel when you come home to a messy bed?  Probably annoyed and irritated, you have no retreat that feels like a special place and day after day, that will affect your mood.  That irritated mood will spill into the rest of your life…something you don’t want!

True, making your bed everyday will not protect you from your boyfriend breaking up with you or from getting a parking ticket or any other stupid thing that happens in life sometimes, but you won’t feel as bad about it when you come home to a bed that is made and ready for you to relax and think in.  Start making your bed every morning before you leave the house and after a week’s time I promise you will feel better about everything in your life.  It’s that simple. You deserve it.

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