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Like Steve Jobs, Maybe All I Really Need is an Empty Apartment

Submitted by Joe El Rady on June 23, 2010 – 4:08 amComments

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A Yoga Mat and A Cup of Tea, All I Really Need

A Yoga Mat and A Cup of Tea, All I Really Need

I recently saw an old picture of Steve Jobs in his 1980’s apartment, empty, no furniture, nothing but hardwood, a yoga mat, a stereo and a tea cup. He says that was all he needed at the time. Must have been nice.

Too much choice has bred me to want; and, even worse: to need. The more I need, the more enslaved I feel in the pursuit. Well, I’m tired of the slavery. I want freedom!

Only two kinds of freedom exist: rich freedom and poor freedom. Since I have not succeeded in attaining rich freedom, I have to choose poor freedom. The middle equals slavery. Student loans, mortgages, car payments, private school tuition for the kids—all of a sudden I want to kill myself like Kate Winslet’s character in Revolutionary Road.

So, I’m choosing to un-choice. I want nothing. Maybe that’s all I’d need. A cup of tea and meditation (and probably some red Jell-O… I just love red Jell-O).

I can only imagine the Zen of an empty apartment—the visible quiet. I probably wouldn’t need to go to yoga class anymore; I could channel the peace of the empty apartment. Then Maybe I would really start doing yoga, I mean, instead of going just to meet hot LA girls.

Oh, and I’d need just one more thing: my iPad. I mean, Steve had a stereo. Oh, and of course, wifi, and well… maybe a mobile phone… a smartphone, of course. Maybe a computer. Who can live without a computer? Oh, and, obviously can’t live in LA without a car… that new E Class Benz coupe is pretty slick. But that’s it… all I need…

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  • juni

    I stumbled upon this article while googling this exact sentiment. Your headline is spot on! Is there any chance I could have your permission to adapt it into a drawing/illustration? I will give you credit, and I won't sell it.

  • LaMarEstaba

    Jobs is a minimalist. That's why the Apple interface is so pretty and "slick." I'd genuinely be happy in that home. BTW, that was his room in a huge house. He had everything he needed and indulged in a 100k stereo system. There's nothing wrong with spending money on what you want AS LONG AS you take care of everything else first.

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