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Laptop: My Extra Limb

Submitted by Sara McClory on November 8, 2010 – 3:40 amComments

ComputerHeadWhen people talk about babies, the little bundles of joy that changes ones life, I can’t help but think about my Mac laptop. It’s fairly light and makes me smile, and cry. Sometimes it gets sick and other times has more energy than 2010’s Boston marathon winner Robert Kiprono Cheruiyotn of Kenya. I fight over it with my boyfriend and whenever I wake up, I have it by my side to Google my name or check my games on Facebook. I feel upset when it isn’t working right and darn right mad when it doesn’t work at all. But I have to wonder if it’s healthy to have a computer attached at the hip, or lap to be exact. People say that technology will end us all but I feel that without it we’d stay in the dark ages. Is that wrong?

Does having a laptop and internet make me lazy? I think so…

Having the worlds information at my fingertips is empowering, even though I only look up to see videos of people getting hurt and the latest mudslinging in politics. When I begin to type something in the search engine, it comes up and clicks for me like it is a person. And because I care for it, its like a child to me.

But there’s a backlash to this because my computer is smarter than me and takes up a lot of my time. I’ve gained weight (with the lack of exercise since I’m always online), get distracted when doing work, and feel like I can’t think for myself. Essentially I’ve become a zombie to my own possession. The thing that makes it even more difficult is that you can’t just wait until your computer is old enough to let them go out in the world because you’ll just replace it and besides, computers built like Macs don’t expire anytime soon (especially with good care).

Sometimes I look to the future and see me and my laptop, on Youtube watching videos of adorable kittens and playing Yoville, while Twittering “I’m a 40 year Loser”. It’s a lose-lose situation because once you’ve tasted the Golden Age, you don’t just leave it for the Bronze Age. Perhaps the Silver Age can be possible but is it really? Is my obsession like food, its needed to survive in a culture where when you can’t evolve, you become obsolete?

How realistic is it to shun out technology when your given mountains of work with minuets to finish it. I feel beaten by it, almost like I’m the girl version of John Connor in Terminator Salvation except I can’t win, and I don’t see winning any time soon.

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